• Traveling Pony Museum Fundraiser Reminder

    Calpain here with a friendly reminder that the Traveling Pony Museum Fundraiser is still going on so hop on in if you can for some fun! Check after the break for the full scoop if you need to as well as links to the event itself.

    Seeds of Kindness 3 and The Traveling Pony Museum Charity Fundrasier Event! 

    Bronies for Good, The Traveling Pony Museum, The Brony Show and Ponys Live Now 
    are proud to bring you this 24 hour long livestream fundraiser!  It has 
    taken  quite a collaborative effort, and we thank you for your support.

    Tune in to see some great interviews from guests such as :

    EverFree Northwest - 6:30 PM
    John Joseco - 8:30pm - Artist and blogger
    Revere91 - 2:30AM - Ponies Live Now

    And a special interview from Lee Tockar!

    We also have some great pieces up for auction as well such as :

    Signed items by Andrea Libman
    Exclusive Toy Fair Pony Contest Winner signed by the artist and in original box.
    Crochet Pony Plushies
    Pony Plushies
    Giant Pony Plushie
    Fausticorn Create Poster made out of Pearler Beads
    3D Printed Pony
    Sculpted Pony
    A joy ride in a Jurassic Park Jeep at BronyCon 2013 (We wish we were kidding.  We aren’t, and it will be awesome!) 

    Oh and did I mention we’ll also be giving away Steam games? 

    We’ll be playing a few video games, hanging out, and providing all of the 
    above, in an effort to raise money for Seeds Of Kindness 3 and The 
    Traveling Pony Museum. Stop by, bid, donate and have fun interacting 
    with your fellow bronies!

    Come on by right now and join us at:

    Hope to see you then!
    ~The Traveling Pony Museum Team