• Music of the Day #120

    Celestia being awesome? Are these songs even worthy of such a presence?!

    Maybe.  You decide. 

    Check them out below. We have 13 this time around. 

    And once again begging for genres! Send one with these songs!

    [1] Source
    [Chi-chi] daddy discord Prologue

    [2] Source
    Voodoopony - Flight of the Wonderbolts (Skruffy Pony Remix)

    [3] Source
    Ponies - Mischief Max
    Vocal - Rap

    [4] Source
    Deerhooves - Evermore (Produced in Nanostudio for iPhone)

    [5] Source
    Magnitude Zero - One Mare Band

    [6] Source
    DEF-Pwny - Broken Heartstrings ft. Fortissimo
    Vocal - Dubstep

    [7] Source
    (REMASTERED) Dropkickproductiontx- Life With a Discordant Philosophy (feat. Blast Beat)

    [8] Source
    Come Home Soon Cover (PonyFireStone)

    [9] Source
    Nicolas Dominique - Equestria, a Dream Worth Fighting For
    Instrumental - Trance

    [10] Source
    Alioro - Junebug

    [11] Source
    Alicorn (Handlebars Parody)

    [12] Source
    Alioro - Junebug

    [13] Source
    Alicorn (Handlebars Parody)