• Everfree Northwest - Ponystock 2013 and Musical Guest Lineup And BronyCon Pre-registration Deadline and Promo Video

    Tonight we've got some announcements from both Everfree and BronyCon! Everfree is happy to announce their Musical Guest Lineup while BronyCon wants to make you all aware of a pre-registration deadline as well as share a little promo with you all! Check it all out after the break.

    Everfree Northwest - Ponystock 2013 and Musical Guest Lineup

    Back by popular demand, Everfree Northwest is proud to present Ponystock 2013! The definitive pony concert that rocked Seattle last August is back once more with 20 new and returning musicians and loads of great music. Come and experience the concert everypony was talking about. Our lineup features some of the biggest names in the fandom playing music of all types, from rock and folk instrumental sets to crazy remixes and electronic tracks. Catch our all-star guests live in concert every night of the convention! You won't want to miss this!

    In addition, this year Everfree Northwest is bringing you three all-new music panels. Each panel will feature special guests and has its focus on one distinct area of music: Acoustic, Orchestral, and a third to be announced. Keep your eyes peeled and your ears perked for more to come.

    Musical Guests:

    Alex S: Hailing from the Old Dominion state, Alex S. is known as one of the fandom's first major music producers. This 21-year-old musician is well-known for his upbeat electronic tracks, among which "Party with Pinkie" and "Ultimate Sweetie Belle" are fan favorites. Alex is returning to Everfree for what is sure to be another amazing jam. YouTube/Soundcloud

    Mic The Microphone: Making his primary in rapping, Mic The Microphone has been involved with the fandom since 2011, working with such names as Glaze, The Living Tombstone, and even folks from the show such as William Anderson and Daniel Ingram on non-pony related projects. Looking to branch out and improve, Mic has since been studying composition and the like in order to expand his knowledge of music as a whole. YouTube

    Michael A: Michael A. has been making music for the fandom for years, with no intention to stop! His musical style takes influence from major hands up, dance, trance, and house artists, and more recently he's been dabbling with bass-oriented music and non 4-on-the-floor type music. Michael A. is best known for his early work such as "I Need That" and "Twilight's Madness," but has had his music featured in various documentaries as well as well-known youtube channels. YouTube/Bandcamp

    [voodoopony]: Voodeedoo, aka [voodoopony], has been active since the summer of 2011. His albums "Beyond Equestria" and "Nightmare in Ponyville" established him as a prominent and influential figure in the community. Notable for his musical diversity and artistic coherence, expect to hear styles ranging from hip hop to drum and bass at this year's Everfree Northwest. YouTube/Bandcamp

    Donn DeVore: Donn DeVore, aka Ponydonn, composes music in various styles ranging from rock to EDM to orchestral to alternative folk. In December 2012 he released an album featuring original music and pony covers entitled 'A Year in Equestria’ and will be performing on the Musiquestria Tour.  Donn also serves the AV Director for Everfree NW.  Cuz ponies. YouTube/Soundcloud

    Poni1Kenobi: Poni1Kenobi, aka P1K, is an Alternative/Punk Rock musician with a style reminiscent of bands like Relient K and Blink-182. He's probably most known for his songs "The Party Hasn't Ended" and "Melody on my Heartstrings." He's played at quite a few pony conventions over the past year and will be performing on the Musiquestria Tour. YouTube/Soundcloud

    FraGmenTD: FraGmenTd is a spastic musician and composer whose music ranges from various electronic styles, to rock, to chiptune and everything in between that suits his fancy at the time. Best known for his Pinkie Pie-themed dance tune "Balloons In My Basket," this will be his second appearance at Everfree NW. He is also the lead composer for the MLP fan game Rise of the Clockwork Stallions. YouTube/Bandcamp

    Derpidety: Derpidety is an Indie Rock/Electronica producer and musician, known for his guitar compositions “Dash's Empty Sky," "DreamShy," and "Azure," as well as his collaboration with Whitetail under the name Stargazers. Experienced in guitar, drums, bass, piano, and analog synthesizers, he composes a wide variety of pieces inspired by the likes of Explosions in the Sky, Bloc Party, Totally Enormous Extinct Dinosaurs, and Modest Mouse. He has performed at EFNW while assisting the organization of Ponystock 2012 and plans to perform both instrumental/vocal pieces and electronic songs. YouTube/Soundcloud

    ThatSonOfAMitch: ThatSonofaMitch is an EDM artist whose range extends from dubstep to pop and everything in between and more. He is most known for his songs under the Unsung Stories EP: Harvest of Dreams and “First Night Alone.” He really loves his fruit. YouTube/Soundcloud

    ArtAttack: ArtAttack is a 17 year old bass music producer from western Wisconsin. His tracks "Still Shy" and "Twistrike," as well as various remixes and singles, have gained him popularity in the brony fandom through catchy synth/vocal hooks and huge drops, as well as support by fellow artists such as Silva Hound and Assertive Fluttershy. YouTube/Soundcloud/Bandcamp

    BronyMike: A very silly guy, BronyMike is most known for his voiceover work, PMVs way back in season 1, and his affinity for the kazoo. His largest project has been his series of vocal covers, an ongoing effort to record his own renditions of every FiM-related song he can get his hands on the instrumentals for. He loves to put on a show and hopes he can work as much variety into his set as possible. YouTube/Soundcloud

    Tarby: Hailing from Rhode Island but now operating out of Seattle, Tarby is one of the fandom's best progressive and industrial rock musicians. He is best known for his song "Something Broke," and has collaborated with artists like Silva Hound and Jackle App. YouTube/Soundcloud/Bandcamp

    HeyLasFas: A musician whose lengthy tracks are rivaled only by the length of his hair, HeyLasFas is a talented progressive industrial alternative rocker who enjoys shooting marshmallows into the audience. Best known for songs like "Nightfall” and “Trapped In Stone,” HeyLasFas is coming all the way from Phoenix, Arizona to jam at Everfree once again. YouTube/Soundcloud/Bandcamp

    F3nning: Known for his countless remixes of songs from FiM, F3nning has become one of the fandom's most prolific musicians. His dubstep and hip-hop remixes of favorite songs from the show like "Winter Wrap Up" and "Hush Now, Quiet Now" have been very well-received, and his work has become nearly ubiquitous in the fan community. YouTube/Soundcloud

    Metajoker: Metajoker entered the pony scene with more than ten years of musical expertise under his belt. Specializing in piano, he has become known for his thought-evoking songs, which include both collaborations with artists like ArtAttack and Taps as well as originals such as "A Lunar Lament." YouTube

    Replacer: Replacer is a musician with a life-long interest in music. In tracks like "Song for an Earth Pony" and "You Know Where to Find Me," you can expect to find clever use of traditional instrumentation with a bit of electronic flair. A native of New Zealand, he has decided to grace Everfree Northwest with his presence, a treat sure to inspire all pony ears. YouTube/Soundcloud

    Ibeabronyrapper: A rapper become brony, Ibeabronyrapper was introduced to the fandom about a year after the show aired and became completely enamored by it. Known for raps like "Evil Enchantress," he has become an integral part of the pony music community and isn't afraid to show it. YouTube

    Odyssey: One of the most prolific musicians in the fandom, Odyssey is known for his upbeat Eurobeat tracks and albums. His work includes songs like "Luna" and, perhaps one of the most well-known songs in the entire community, "Discord." Odyssey is back at Everfree again for an assuredly epic performance. YouTube/Bandcamp

    Silva Hound: Silva Hound is known for his intense house tracks, including remixes of both show and fan works. Over two years of experience in the fandom and plenty of collaborations are a testament to his achievements. His electronic music is some of the most well-appreciated in the fandom and is sure to please. YouTube/Soundcloud/Bandcamp

    MandoPony: Known for his energetic rock songs and countless collaborations with dozens of artists, Andrew Stein, AKA MandoPony, has rocked the stage with countless hits, including such titles as “Picture Perfect Pony” and “Loyalty.” One half of the incredible duo that is Acoustic Mando Brony, Andrew and his crew are sure to tear up the stage wherever they go. YouTube/Bandcamp

    Acoustic Brony: Acoustic Brony is comprised of two individuals: Edd and Jimmy. Known for their signature acoustic tone, Acoustic Brony has since come out with dozens of hits, including their follow up to their hit song “Loyalty,” “Kindness.” Hailing all the way from the UK, this dynamic duo is ready to drop in and show the states what it means to rock. YouTube/Soundcloud

    Michelle Creber: You all know her as the speaking voice of Apple Bloom and you’ve heard her sweet sounds as the singing voice of Sweetie Belle. Michelle Creber is a world-class singer, dancer, and actor, whose fame extends throughout ponydom and beyond, with credits in such works as Smart Cookies, Martha Speaks, and Dinosaur Train. At Everfree NW last year Michelle debuted her album Timeless: Songs of a Century, which covered songs from several eras throughout the 1900s. Michelle is glad to be back again at Everfree Northwest and is looking forward to yet another epic convention. Website/YouTube

    Be on the lookout for more great community guest announcements coming from us over the next couple of weeks. You can keep up to date on all of our latest announcements and bits of news on our website, Twitter, Facebook, and Tumblr. As a reminder, con pre-registration ends on June 15th. Badges can still be purchased here.

    BronyCon Pre-registration Deadline and Promo Video

    BronyCon will be cutting off its pre-registration on July 15, 2013, for its event Aug. 2-4 in Baltimore, Md.

    After July 15, prices will be increasing to $75 and will only be available at the door starting Aug. 2, the day the event begins. Pre-registration will allow you to pick up your badges a day early and beat the rush to get into the convention while saving yourself a few extra bits. To pre-register for BronyCon, visit their registration page.

    Also Mane Event, Blank Canvas and Hoof Beatz would like to give you a sneak peak of the activities you can be expecting to see at BronyCon. Check out the animation Galaxyart made below:

    For more information on BronyCon, visit their website or follow them on Facebook, Twitter or Tumblr.