• Everfree Northwest Announcements!

    With just about a month to go until Everfree, the staff over there are starting to tie things up! Tonight we've got a number of announcements for you guys ranging from events, hotel info, badges, vendor info, volunteering, and more! Check it all out after the break for the full scoop.

    Everfree Northwest is right around the corner! There’s only a month to go before the convention (July 5th - 7th) and we have several announcements and bits of news to share with everyone.

    Supporter Badges Over Half Gone
    Everfree Northwest has already sold out on over half of our available supporter badges. These premium badges come with great perks, such as access to our exclusive Supporter’s Lounge, priority positioning in lines, a limited edition print, and more. Visit Registration for more details, including information on how to upgrade your current badge. Don’t miss out on this opportunity to support Everfree Northwest while getting a great deal with awesome perks!

    Volunteering for Staff
    Whether you’re a veteran at working a convention or never volunteered before, Everfree Northwest would like you to come work for our staff! Several departments are still in need of volunteers to help out at the convention. As of this writing, there are still positions available in multiple departments such as logistics, media, game room, merchandise booth, vendor hall and more. If interested, please fill out the application form online. If you want to find out more about being a staffer, we encourage you to come to the con staff meetings on June 15th and June 29th. If you want to help, but can't attend those meetings, don't worry, as we will still be needing positions filled all the way up to the convention date!

    Vendor’s Page Now Live
    What convention is complete without a vendor hall? T-shirts, prints, posters, original artwork, plushies, buttons, hats, accessories, trinkets, and all sorts of other merchandise and treasures are just waiting for you at the Everfree Northwest. With over fifty vendors, there is simply no shortage of wonderful artists, crafters, and creators to share their wares with you. Visit our Vendors page for the full list.

    Convention Hotel Full, Overflow Hotel Still Has Rooms Available
    Still waiting to get your hotel room for the Everfree Northwest convention? Sadly, the Hilton is not only out of its con-rate rooms, but is completely booked during the convention. Thankfully, our overflow hotel, the Holiday Inn, still has rooms. Only a parking lot walk away from the Hilton Conference Center, the Holiday Inn is an excellent place to lay your weary head after a fun and eventful day at Everfree Northwest. Visit our Hotel page for more information as well as a link to book your room.

    “Whose Line Is It Anypony” and “Dear Princess Celestia/Luna” are Returning to Everfree Northwest
    Everfree Northwest is pleased to announce the return of two of our most popular panels from last year, “Dear Princess Celestia/Luna” and “Whose Line is it Anypony.”

    Our dearest Princess Celestia and Princess Luna, played by Smare and Lucrezea, will be back to read aloud a selection of “friendship reports” submitted by the pony community featuring stories of life, laughter, and the hardships we overcome. If you are looking for life encouragement, or to hear firsthand the effect ponies have played in somepony’s life, “Dear Princess” is a very powerful and moving panel we recommend highly. Join us in community and friendship as we share our stories with one another. Please note that this panel will have a no video policy.

    If you’re looking for some lighthearted antics worthy of Pinkie Pie, then make sure not to miss the improvisational hijinks of “Whose Line,” where audience members will participate in pony-related quickfire improv games such as “questions only,” “scenes from a hat,” and “two-liners,” to name but a few. The laughs will be plentiful and who knows, you may be the next star of EFNW at this fun panel!

    Be on the lookout for more great community guest announcements coming from us over the next couple of weeks. You can keep up to date on all of our latest announcements and bits of news on our website, Twitter, Facebook, and Tumblr.