• Denver Comic Con Panel and Breakdown

    The recent Denver Comic Con panel hosted Katie Cook, Andy Price, Tony Fleecs, and Thom Zahlner from the official MLP Comic to answer a bunch of questions and talk about the series for the audience (500+ People strong!) 

    A full breakdown of the panel's primary questions of interest can be found after the break, or you can go listen to it for yourself here.  

    Flax from the Rarity Comic was based on Darnell from My Name is Earl, and the editor wasn't sure they would be able to get away with the hippy style pony.

    Spike, Luna, Applejack, Pinkie Pie favorite characters all around, with Celestia, Twilight, Chrysalis, Applejack favorite to draw. 

    Katie's phone exploded when MLP hit 100,000 comics sold, and she thought everyone was lying about it because that just doesn't happen.   This was followed by laughing at the convention when people said kids books don't sell. 

    MLP was the first independent comic to outsell Marvel and DC in 9 years.  It continues to be incredibly popular, outselling many DC comics.  The Micro series was expanded upon past six ponies thanks to our support.
    (Sethisto note: SO GO BUY MORE COMICS!)

    Issue #1 was the first full length issue Katie Cook has ever written. 

    One of the Pinkie Pie micro comics was rejected for being too weird.

    One of the Rarity micro comics was rejected for being too close to a season 4 episode. 

    Rarity coming to Ann Arbor (with it's hippy culture) was the idea for her micro-comic

    Arrested Development and Party Rock references coming up.  Piles of other references from stuff most of us have probably not heard of, along with Star Wars, Dark Knight returns, and piles more coming.   Magnum PI favorite background pony so far. 

    98% of pony fans are great, the other 2% not so much!

    A lot of people worried about going into a comic store and buying a pony comic out of embarrassment.  They say suck it up!
    (Sethisto Note: Or just get it online, slackers)

    Issues 9-10 primarily focused on Big Mac, so not a whole lot of Mane 6 ponies popping up. 

    Request to see someone cosplaying Pinkie or Rainbow in the Pinkie or Rainbow costumes from the comic

    Doctor Who comic sadly won't work, due to the tight lid BBC has on it.  There may be a bit of Doctor in issue 9 though.

    Stance on Equestria Girls: The script is pretty good, and they say to give it a shot. 

    Andy put Katie's husband in a comic as a mule due to his dislike of Fluttershy.

    References are covered under parody laws