• Random Merch: Card Binders, Dog Tags, Necklaces, Swim Trunks, and More!

    We have a whole bunch of random merch for you all this time around, the first of which coming from Enterplay via a few new binders for the card sets, and dog tags.  Each of these were teased in the series 2 tins that have been popping up around the USA lately.  Thanks to Micheal for the images!

    And below the break, the rest of the Random Merch! Go check it all out!

    Boxes and Storage

    Just in case your room hasn't been ponified enough, we have some storage containers, including a tall multi-compartment thing.  These were found in Poland at E.Leclerc by Abacusa.

    Derpy Necklace

    I think this may be the same as the one from Hot Topic, but a bunch of people sent it.  Found at Thinkgeek.

    Rainbow Dash Swim Trunks

    I actually mentioned these in the Bikini post a few days ago, but we didn't have an image... so have one! thanks to Joe for that.  Found at Hot Topic

    Girl Talk Magazine DVD's

     A couple of free DVD's (Ticketmaster and Applebuck season despite what the cover says) are included in the new Girl Talk magazine from the UK.   Thanks to SonicrainboomsXD for the images!

    Giant Rainbow Dash Belt Buckle

    Another one from Hot Topic. Thanks to Rai_loh for the image.