• Music of the Day #115

    I almost had an Octavia header in this one, but it was such a tall image, and tall images don't really work too well as post headers.  Oh well!

    We have 10 songs today.  Find them all below.

    [1] Source
    The Ocular Invisible & NegaNote - Stay Strong (Syztem Remix)

    [2] Source
    [Edit III] Dreaming With Ponies (Concert Band Arr.) - Spitfire & Dimondium

    [3] Source
    Riff - The Quiet Lullaby (RiffMix Remastered) [1080p HD]

    [4] Source
    [Music] The Mare Got Hot (Weezer Parody)
    Vocal - Parody

    [5] Source
    Matthew N. befriends Radiarc - The Nightlife of Pie
    Instrumental - House

    [6] Source
    The Subjugation of Royalty
    Insturmental - Orchestral

    [7] Source
    Swiftone - Journey into the world of unfulfilled dreams

    [8] Source
    Starwolfff - The Name's Octavia [Electro] [HD]
    Instrumental - Orchestral/Electronic

    [9] Source

    [10] Source
    MC Clavi - The Sugarcube Corner
    Vocal - Rap

    [11] Source
    Blastie Beats - I Have to Find a Way Dubstep Remix 
    Remix - Dubstep