• Discussion: What Do You Want to See From a Returning Gilda?

    We have another season coming up in the relatively distant future, and based on past episodes, villains do tend to return.  So far, the majority of them end up redeemed, though Chrysalis has escaped this little trope via the comics keeping her more villainous than she ever was in the actual show. There is one character who has yet to make a big comeback though.  A character with an awesome overall design that would be a shame to see go to waste.  I am of course, talking about Gilda.

    How do you want to see her second episode play out?  Would you like to see her fly in crying her eyes out begging Dash to forgive her?  Or should Gilda stay a douchenoggin not fit for friendship? Drop a synopsis in the comments on your idea for the best Season 4 Gilda episode!

    Thanks again to Twitter people for the idea!