• BronyCAN Announces First Wave of Musicians!

    You can't have a convention without some music and BronyCAN is making sure their event is filled with the sound of pony music for its guests! They are pleased to announce wave one of musicians that will be attending for their concert and if this is just wave one I can't wait to see who else they have left to announce. Check out the whole press release and list after the break.

    BronyCAN is pleased to announce the first wave of our concert lineup. First wave of musicians is Silva Hound, DJ Midli, Fen Pony, Donn DeVore, Beam Pegasu5 and Brony Beamshows!

    Silva Hound is a multi-genre musician best known for his production in electronic dance music, specifically club, dubstep, and house. His recent collaboration with Archie, titled “Rosa”, has been a stellar hit among bronies and non-bronies alike. Expect him to bring the beats hard for BronyCAN’s dance.

    DJ Midli brings the beats and wubs every Saturday night on Everfree Network’s mixology showcase. He spins electronic dance music from across all genres, from house to hardcore, dubstep to trance. Expect an unpredictable array of dance music during his set at BronyCAN!

    Fen Pony’s special talent is talking really fast. A master lyricist and hip hop artist hailing from the home province of BronyCAN, expect his presence as local B.C. brony talent to energize. He’s best known for his hip-hop track, “I Can’t stop referencing pony.”

    Donn DeVore is a master of instruments, with a collection of multiple guitars and keyboards, and genres from electro pop to acoustic ballads, modern and classic rock. Expect some musical genius from his set at BronyCAN.

    Beam Pegasu5 strums the strings of lasers, he’s a laserist and BronyCAN will be his canvas. Expect his bright colours and matched twinkling lasers to paint the excited dance floor crowd at BronyCAN.

    Gabe is the head behind Brony Beamshows, a brony lasershow company specializing in montages of lasers to brony music videos. He brings his knowledge of lasers and A/V tech to provide BronyCAN with a one-of-a-kind dance experience!

    More on Silva Hound http://silvahound.com/
    More on Donn DeVore: https://soundcloud.com/donn-devore
    More on Beam Pegasu5:
    More on Brony Beamshows: