• Brony Thank You Fund Contest Last Call

    The Brony Thank You Fund celebration Give-Away is nearing its ending.  If you still want a shot at that poster filled with signatures, art of your OC from Sibsy, or one of those MLP trading card mats, head on down below for information on how to contribute!
    - The May Donor contests for a rare heavily signed poster, your OC drawn by Sibsy, or one of 20 trading card mats ends on midnight (EST) on Friday night. All donors of $20 or more will be put into the drawing for the prizes. Details at: http://www.bronythankyoufund.org/?q=node/42

    - If your employer has a matching gifts program, see if you can get the Thank You Fund added. This can as much as double the value of your donation. One enterprising Brony at Google has already done so!

    - If you're an artist or other vendor who would like to donate items for a raffle we're going to run at BronyCon, contact us at [email protected]. All donations will be tax deductible.