• Tumblr Spotlight: Ask One Bad Apple / Doctor Strangeling's Manehattan Project / Heartstrings

    It's been awhile gang, but I'm back with a new tumblr spotlight! Sorry for the delay, but when real life beckons I have to reduce my pony intake unfortunately. Anyhow, we have three cool tumblrs for you folks tonight so check on after the break for our three stars!

    If you'd like to suggest a tumblr for a future spotlight, whether it be your own or one you really like, please send it my way at [email protected]. I'll take a look at it as soon as I can!

    Ask One Bad Apple

    Since Babs' episode this past season she has proven herself to be quite an interesting addition to the CMC and has spawned quite a few works dedicated to the Manehattan filly. One of the better ones out there is a little ask blog called Ask One Bad Apple! Taking questions from her audience, Babs answers as best she can with often funny or cute results. With adorable art and a sizable backlog, this tumblr will keep you busy for awhile!

    Ask One Bad Apple - Current Page - First Page

    Doctor Stangeling's Manehattan Project

    It isn't often you see a tumblr about a changeling, but when they do pop up they usually are some of the most unique tumblrs out there! Doctor Stangeling's Manehattan Project is no exception, starring a changeling trapped in an underground base. An adventure based blog where your answers help this changeling in his quest to escape, this ask blog has promise, humor, and a unique premise that differentiates it from other tumblrs out there.

    Doctor Stangeling's Manehattan Project - Current Page - First Page


    Our last tumblr tonight has already had some recognition on the blog through individual comic posts, but I thought it would be a treat to show you all the origin of those comics! In Heartstrings, Lyra is found by Bonbon in the middle of the woods with no recollection of herself or others. Bonbon takes her in and the two begin an awesome adventure together. An adorable story blog, this tumblr is great for Lyra and Bonbon fans and is certain to pull on your heartstrings as well.

    Heartstrings - Current Page - First Page