• Spotlight Vocal Music: Bright Eyes / Dreams from the Moon / Got A Bully

    Loads of vocal music lately! We start this one off with a new Derpy focused piano/soft rock song. It's probably one of the most unique songs I've heard in a while. They even snuck a bit of rap in there near the end. 

    The second track is a mixture of Drums and Bass, Dubstep, and a slur of other electronic genres, backed by some excellent vocals from a singer going by the name of Rosemary. Where are all of these female singers coming from lately?  I for one want to see this trend continue!

    And in the last slot, we have a completely unique version of Babs Seed, via a much more jazzy and relaxing version. The poor EQD box has been completely flooded with techno/trance/dubstep remixes of it, so this is beyond refreshing!

    1.) Ponky & Eccentrifuge - Bright Eyes (A Wonky Anthem)
    2.) Lt_Andrei ft. Rosemary - Dreams from the Moon
    3.) Got A Bully