• Music of the Day #58

    We have 17 songs from all sorts of genres this time around.  Hopefully something strikes your interest! Now go listen!

    [1] Source
    Inspiration (Starborne ft. Forest Rain!)
    Genre-  Vocal - EDM

    [2] Source
    DasDeer - Boss Theme, "Revenants of Chaos"
    Genre-  Instrumental - Electro Rock

    [3] Source
    Matthew N. - Luna's Reversion (ft. Rosemary)
    Genre- Instrumental - Progressive House

    [4] Source
    When Home Calls Rock Cover [WahPony]
    Genre- Rock

    [5] Source
    Twilight Venture VI
    Genre- Instrumental - New Age

    [6] Source
    SimGretina - Where Rich Ponies Go (colibrishin Remix)
    Genre- Remix

    [7] Source
    Radiarc - The Edge
    Genre- Instrumental - Orchestral

    [8] Source
    A Day In Equestria (Art Featuring Stinkehund)
    Genre- Instrumental

    [9] Source
    When Home Calls - Pop-punk Cover by Restrained Madness
    Genre-Vocal - Pop/Punk

    [10] Source
    Sonic Breakbeat - Exile (Four On The Floor Track #1)
    Genre- Instrumental Progress House

    [11] Source
    Small Wings (Mush Remix)
    Genre-  Vocal - Remix

    [12] Source
    A Stroll Through The Canterlot Gardens
    Genre- Instrumental - Orchestral

    [13] Source
    Lullaby For A Prince - (Colt Cover) Coconeru
    Genre-  Vocal

    [14] Source
    MLP:FIM Down with the ponies feat Cyril the Wolf

    [15] Source
    Koroshi-Ya Befriends Princewhateverer - Beyond Her Tomb (Mic The Microphone cover)
    Genre- Vocal Rap

    [16] Source
    SimGretina - Small Wings (Kaiso Remix)
    Genre- Vocal Remix

    [17] Source
    Raise This Barn - eXtaticus Eurobeat Remix

    Music of the Day is a compilation of songs that didn't make the spotlight posts here on EQD. In these posts, the listening is entirely up to you! Maybe you aren't too critical on the technical side and just want some fun techno to work out to? Hopefully you find something fun!