• Nightly Roundup #556

    A few of you have asked me how I do science, so hopefully this picture answers your question. Though honestly I would have hot glued the muffin and the donut together instead of using tape! Derpy does get points for wearing her safety goggles though. Safety first!

    Tiny Roundup tonight, so let's blow right through this one shall we?

    Music is Magic Kickstarter

    The guys behind the documentary Music is Magic, which took a look at Everfree Northwest and the Brony musicians that played there, are currently looking to do another documentary for Las Pegasus Unicon. The problem though is that they are currently lacking the necessary funding to make the trip and could really use some help from the community if at all possible! If you are interested in lending a helping hoof, check their announcement video below as well as the link to their Kickstarter.

    Hot Topic Sending Out Pony Emails

    As some of you have let us know, Hot Topic is currently sending out emails promoting their pony line of products! Pretty cool to see such support. If you shop online at Hot Topic, keep an eye on your inbox.

    Ponies Painted onto Car!

    This looks like it took a lot of work, but the end product looks wonderful! Got to say the vehicle looks much better now that it has ponies on it.

    Chuck E. Cheese Restaurants Advertising Pony

    It looks like Hasbro has struck a deal with Chuck E. Cheese locations to show some pony during the 3rd intermission of their stage shows. Always good to see more marketing, especially towards the target audience.

    Scribblenauts Pony References Explained!

    The ever awesome members of the NeoGAF pony community have pinned down the exact story behind the pony references in the game, straight from the mouth of an artist that worked for the game!

    Thanks to LuffyZoro for the tip and the entire PonyGAF community for being awesome. Belle Eve!

    Comment by Scribblenauts Artist


    The MBS Show Interviews Calpain

    Copy Paste:

    In this week’s episode of “The MBS Show” we have an awesome guest. We have one of the bloggers that contribute to one of the most popular "My Little Pony Friendship is Magic" blogs ever, we are proud to introduce to you Calpain of EQD. Join us in this episode as we ask him about how did he got involve with EQD and how does a scientist pony enjoys “multicolor equine”.


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