• Random Merch: Wallets, Activity Books, More Underwear, Earrings, Buttons, and More!

    Another wallet has popped up at Hot Topic, this time with Twilight and a city shot instead of Rainbow Dash.   They did kinda have to swap the usual term out for a more politically correct one, but you get the idea.

    Thanks to DinsFire64 for the heads up, who also makes me want to go play Zelda.  I remember discovering that spell and thinking it was the coolest thing ever...

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    Holiday Activity Book

    Over at Barnes and Noble, this new activity book has been hitting the shelves for 5 bucks for the holidays. I'm pretty sure you could open your own book store with how many of these there are at this point. Hope this one has some neat vectors inside! It looks like it does include stickers at least.

    Thanks to Noah for that!

    Pony Underwear

    Yes, now you can wear Derpy, Fluttershy, and Rainbow Dash's cutie mark down below. Hot Topic apparently isn't the only place with a market for these. Newbury Comics in Boston has these up. Thanks to Victoria for the image!

    More Earbuds

    Apparently they plan on releasing one of these for each of the mane 6.  Hell even Applejack got some! Hot Topic never relases Applejack merch!

    More Buttons

    We have actually already posted a few of these, but it doesn't hurt to drop them here too.  Hot Topic has a bunch of new buttons available.  Some are generic vectors, while others are Great and Powerful.  I'm sure there are a bunch more floating around.  Last I checked they went for $1.99 a pop.  

    Ear Inserts

    You guys probably know more about these than I do, Derpy can be inserted into your ears though!  Also found at Hot Topic

    Thanks to Taps for all three of these images.

    Throw Blanket

    And finally, one more from Hot Topic. This throw blanket may or may not have been posted before, I honestly couldn't find it.  A whole bunch of you sent it in though, so I'm guessing we may have missed it.  Thanks to Travis for the image, and  Marguerite and everyone else for spamming me until I posted it!

    And that about covers it for RANDOM MERCH! Hit us up at the submit box if you find anything cool in your travels! The more the merrier!