• GalaCon Announces Michael Pan!

    Our European friends across the pond have a new announcement for you all as GalaCon continues to ramp up the hype as they prepare for their next convention! Nabbing the illustrious Michael Pan, who plays as German Discord, the convention promises to be awesome! Check out the full press release after the break for further details.

    Dear loyal subjects,

    or should we say my tiny little life forms, my precious little life forms? Well, one could argue we got convention SPACE already - And My Little Pony has generations too, right? …
    … Eh, not sure if our jokes are working out here. Better leave those to our next guest of honour!

    We are proud to announce the next voice actor for GalaCon 2013. You’ve heard him as Patchy The Pirate, Saul Goodman and Robbie Rotten - His illustrous career even took him to space as Ltd. Cmdr. Data. Among German pony fans, however, he’s simply (and mischievously) known as Discord.

    Relax in your wing chair, enjoy tasty chocolate milk and be prepared for eternal chaos in Ludwigsburg - Or at least during GalaCon 2013!


    GalaCon team

    Michael Pan's IMDb Page
    ©Matthias Scheuer