• Drawfriend Stuff #663

    I've always been a person who has been incredibly close to my family. A strong family bond serves as a foundation that takes us through the rest of our lives and provides that much needed life line when things go wrong. Sometimes events happen that shake those foundations and put everything in jeopardy, but it's still possible to rise up and overcome those obstacles not only for your own sake, but for the sake of others as well.

    Yesterday's episode may not have changed everyone's mind about AJ, but for me she is a strong lady that rose up to serve as a solid foundation for her family and most importantly for little Apple Bloom. So here's to AJ! You've done good pony girl.

    Time for some art peeps. Check it all out after the break!

    Source 1
    Shooting Stars Wallpaper

    Source 2
    Five Second Rule

    Source 3
    Rarity draws pokemon too

    Source 4
    Just Rarity

    Source 5

    Source 6
    MLP FIM - Sleepy Applejack

    Source 7
    phantom Luna

    Source 8

    Source 9

    Source 10
    Santa's little helpers

    Source 11
    Fluttershy is sticking her tongue out

    Source 12
    King Sombra!

    Source 13
    Masters of Dreams

    Source 14

    Source 15
    Commish: Sunstar Rose

    Source 16
    Free Flying

    Source 17
    Rays of Sunlight

    Source 18
    Portrait of the Herd

    Source 19
    First Family Winter

    Source 20
    Momma lulamoon

    Source 21
    Ra and Khonsu - Celestia and Luna

    Source 22
    Filly AJ

    Source 23
    Waterfall Rarity

    Source 24

    Source 25
    Spitfire does flying stuff.

    Source 26
    Spike x Rarity Christmas HWE

    Source 27
    Our Little AJ
    (Time Lapse Video)

    Source 28
    The Hero Ponyville Deserves

    Source 29
    Winter Solstice

    Source 30
    Christmas is Magic

    Source 31
    My Little AppleJack

    Source 32
    Magic Flying Spike

    Source 33
    Hearth's Warming Eve

    Source 34

    Source 35
    Applejack and 2000 watchers.

    Source 36
    Another Dress

    Source 37
    Happy Hollydays

    Source 38
    MLP FIM - Princess Luna Beauty Sleep

    Source 39
    Mirror, Mirror

    Source 40
    look ma im in space

    Source 41
    Golden Problem :FIM title cards series

    Source 42
    Merry Christmas! - 2012

    Source 43
    Bad Girls

    Source 44
    Fancy Fluttershy

    Source 45

    Source 46
    Christmas fire

    Source 47
    Young Villains (Finished)

    Source 48
    Red Sunflower

    Source 49
    Winter Snowfall - MLP Secret Santa 2012

    Source 50
    Diamond Tiara

    Source 51
    Tarot Card: Rarity

    Source 52
    Apple Rose

    Source 53
    Rarity's Design

    Source 54
    Babs Seed


    Source 55
    Emma Storm