• Nightly Roundup #500

    Happy 500th Roundup my dear friends! That's right, we've hit the big five-zero-zero, half way to one thousand nights of pony news! This tired science pony couldn't be happier and neither can Pinkie Pie who just can't run out of things to celebrate this coming weekend. Here's to many more nights of cake, craziness, and fun!

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    Antipodes Game in Search of Help!

    Hey guys, our resident intern and coffee machine PK is hard at work on a game for Antipodes and he and his friends are in need of some help! The project currently is in need of artists and he would be tickled pink if anyone who is interested could check out the video above and go to the video's Youtube page for more information! Any questions and inquires can be sent to PK at [email protected]

    Twilight iPhone Lock/App Theme

    You can never have enough Twilight Sparkle on your phone! Check out this awesome theme thanks to Trebory6!

    Theme Download

    Some Ultra Fast Ponies

    Brony Health Group - Update!

    I should really join these guys and try to get fit again. Been getting lazy with school back in full swing! Anyhow, the Brony Health Group has some updates for you guys that you can check out below.

    The Brony Health Group has released new articles in their Nutrition and Commitment sections of the site written by DJKBrony of Celestia Radio and their very own Nutrition Guru Aaron Reed! And with Thanksgiving coming up rather quickly they've got a whole new selection of Turkey Day based recipes! And don't forget to check out the forums!

    Nutrition Article  http://www.bronyhealthgroup.com/#!wonder-foods/c1qss

    Commitment Article  http://www.bronyhealthgroup.com/#!commitment/c3kh

    Thanksgiving Recipes  http://www.bronyhealthgroup.com/#!recipes/c1vxd

    BHG Forums  http://bronyhealthgroup.proboards.com/


    Babble With Bronies - Episode 29

    Copy Paste:

    Howdy everypony!

    This week, we're watching S1E13, "Fall weather friends"! We also have a lot of content, stop on by and check it out!

    Time: 4:00 pm EST/ 3:00 pm CST (16:00 EST/ 15:00 CST) (UTC -5 / -6)
    Date: November 17th, 2012
    Place: http://babblewithbronies.tripod.com/

    Facebook page: https://www.facebook.com/babblewithbronies
    Twitter: https://twitter.com/BwBofficial
    Elements of Absurdity - Episode 9

    Copy Paste:

    DJ SpriteShine brings you another fun filled episode.  In this edition, SpriteShine is accompanied by Angel Note and HeroPony, two candidates to be new hosts on EoA.  We interview JanAnimations, the very skilled animator of the Picture Perfect Pony music video, announce the winner of the Contest, and talk about the new MLP game by GameLoft


    Successful Meetups

    Unifans 3 - Argentina

    Once again, we dominated one of the local fandom events, the "Unifans". With our MLP-themed stand, we gathered around 80+ bronies! Lots of merch, artists, and cosplays like Pinkie, Derpy, R-Dash 5000, among others. After the event, many of us also went to watch the season premiere (same day), and had a blast there as well!

    Youmacon 2012!

    Copy Paste:

    Nearly 100 listed going attendees on our Facebook pages, and we managed to get half that number in attendance for the photo? Considering we never had plans beyond the actual meetup, that's not bad for a first attempt, I'd say! We all chatted for a while,  had a mock trial, Ace Attorney style as a joke with some of the cosplayers in attendance, (against my will ^_^;)  sang BBBFF, and took the second photo midway into our time slot. We took the first photo 10 minutes after the meetup had already ceased, in which 8-Bit Mickey was finally able to make it, but he had to leave shortly after. Thanks to him for stopping by at such an impromptu time, as well as now spearheading our preparations to have bigger and better meetups in the future! Another thanks, to Nowacking and MasakoX for their intent to attend, despite their busy schedules keeping them from attending (heck, us hosts and con attendees were pretty busy ourselves, which is why the meetup only lasted an hour).

    I also extend gratitude to my fellow hosts for their support with this endeavor, and the convention staff and panelists who allowed me to promote this meetup during their pony-related events. Last and most, of course, thanks to all of you who took the time to attend, if even for a moment! Check us out on our new page https://www.facebook.com/YoumaconBronies for updates on further meetups and events during upcoming Youmacons!


    Groups/Meetups/Guilds Looking for More

    The Fun Has Been Doubled Role Playing Board

    The Fun Has Been Doubled! is a My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic roleplay site (ran off of the Proboards system). Set after the events of Season 2, but prior to Season 3, we offer a sandbox roleplay experience where everyone can play their favorite characters or create their own within the world of Equestria. Plots are member-driven as characters interact with one another with only limited direction from admins or moderators outside of major plot events, giving a chance to explore a wide range of "what ifs?" scenarios. We're also always working to improve the community and site experience, with plans to introduce site contests of all sorts (from advertising to fanfiction),an in-verse monthly newsletter (The Foal Free Press of course), and special holiday and seasonal events (Nightmare Night huzzah!). But most importantly, we're here to have fun!

    If interested, please come visit us at http://funhasbeendoubled.proboards.com/index.cgi .
    Ohio Bronies Meetup

    Copy Paste:

    Hey all! We will be meeting at the Cleveland Metroparks Zoo on November 17th at 11am. The group will most likely head into the Zoo between 11:30 to noon and stay until it closes, which is at 5pm. Zoo admission is $8.25 and parking is free. 

    After we are done at the Zoo we will be heading to Winking Lizard Tavern in Lakewood, OH for dinner.


    Argentina Brony Charity Meetup

    En el espíritu de bondad y ayuda por el que los bronies empezamos a hacernos conocidos mundialmente; Estamos organizando para el Sábado 15 de Diciembre una juntada con el fin de recolectar alimento para donar a un salón comedor a nombre de los seguidores de My Little Pony en Argentina. El objetivo es recolectar la mayor cantidad posible de leche larga vidaPor CADA caja de LECHE LARGA VIDA, se dará un número de rifa, y a la hora señalada realizaremos el sorteo de varios productos originales, nuevos y en caja de My Little Pony de Hasbro Importados, algunos peluches, calendarios originales 2013 de Hasbro, Importados, así como otros premios que sean aportados por miembros de la comunidad. 

    Fecha: 15 de Diciembre
    Lugar: Parque Rivadavia, Av. Rivadavia 4800, Ciudad de Buenos Aires


    Merch/Ebay Stuff
    King Sombra Blindbag
    Medium Sized Perler Ponies
    Christmas Vinyl Scratch Plush
    Super Inventory Sale!
    Applejack Plushie w/ Socks
    Jousting Fluttershy Custom