• Nightly Roundup #494

    I was kind of hoping for this, not gonna lie.  The smoke was begging for it. 

    Have some roundup while I pay DHX To do a Samurai Applejack crossover with Somber.

    Skyrim Pony Mod Overhaul

    Apparently it fixes a bug with crashing while loading, as well as adds a bunch of extra stuff, including more summons and unique abilities for each pony. Check out the video!

    Friendship Tutorial in Gameloft Game

    Since a few of you are confused at how the friend system works in this game, someone has gone in and created a quick tutorial on it. Find it below!


    Chat Reactions to the Season Opener

    Just in case you were all trying to avoid the distraction, someone decided to record the chat reactions on Bronystate.  Links above! 

    Gabe Newell's Pinkie Pie Love

    He has already done it before, but apparently he is sticking to it. Gabe dropped more pony. Find it here.

    2 Seasons of "magic".

    120 mentions in total of the word. Kinda low tbh.

    Successful Meetups

    K-State Meetup

    Hi everyone! We had our first meetup of the year to watch the new episodes! It was tons of fun. Big shout-out to the computer science department and the guy that was sleeping in the room for letting us invade to watch the livestream!
    If you're around the K-State area, or if you know someone who is, you can join us at facebook.com/groups/ksubrony
    We're going to try to have this every new episode during the school session. Come and hang out with us!
    New Mexico Meetup

    We are bronies from Albuquerque, New Mexico (No. We are not apart of Mexico like everyone thinks we are.) We are celebrating season three on the big screen. We are a local group and decided to put on something a bit more, different. Here's photos of our little gathering and a few photo's, including a group picture of local bronies from the area.

    Georgia Meetup

    Georgia's Admirable Bronies, a sub-group of the Facebook group Canterlanta, performed community service to a local park while the season 3 premiere aired. The event itself was planned in early October, before the announcement of season 3. Regardless, the members showed up to shovel dirt and carry it up and down hill via wheel barrels and buckets according to the instruction of the park's crew leaders. A great amount of fun and friendship was shown through the hard work of this selfless service.


    Groups/Meetups/Guilds Looking for More

    Ecuador Group

    Spanish! (I think u should put this)
    Hola a todos los Bronies!
    Si eres un Brony Ecuatoriano...Bien, tenemos ya nuestro grupo.
    Asi que unete a nosotros y se parte del grupo de facebook en Ecuador que es 20% mas genial :D


    Merch/Ebay Stuff
    Perler Ponies
    Cloudchaser/Flitter Plushies
    Scootaloo Decal
    Custom Pony Sale