• Wallpaper Compilation #69

    Inappropriate joke!

    No Rarity wallpapers this time, so for your header I present to you Twilight Sparkle riding a book through a sea of text and lens flare. Right into the page break! Which you should click, because it makes Twilight happy. Don't you want to make Twilight happy? You monster.

    Source 1
    Nightmare Night minimal Wallpaper

    Source 2
    Vinyl Rainbows

    Source 3

    Source 5
    The Hereos Canterlot Deserves

    Source 6
    NLR Emblem Wallpaper

    Source 7
    Crystal Clear

    Source 8
    Sovereign [Luna]

    Source 9
    Ponytail Vinyl - Wallpaper

    Source 10
    Dancing Shy - Wallpaper

    Source 11
    Junebug Wallpaper

    Source 12
    Rainbow 'Splash'

    Source 13
    Chrysalis -stolen heart- wallpaper

    Source 14
    Born to Speed

    Source 15
    Handsome Diamon Jack

    Source 16
    Elegance at Its Finest

    Source 17
    Musicians of Ponyville