• Random Merch: Cards, Books, Art Sets, and More!

    I am not completely sure what Rainbow Cards are, but we have pony versions of them now!  They even axed Fluttershy's wings.  She was always meant to be an earth pony anyway.  Thanks to Rebecca for the image.

    Head on down past the break for more RANDOM MERCH!

    The MLP Annual book has popped up in the UK For 4 bucks.  Looks like it's Royal Wedding themed this time around.   Thanks to Ravege for this one. 

    Over in New Zealand, a new group of greeting cards are showing up at a store called "2 Cheap" for 2.50 NZD each.  Thanks to Sanfur for these!  
    Old Navy has grabbed a new group hug shirt.  Surprisingly enough, I don't think its one of those vectors we see all the time.  You can find it on their wbesite here!  Thanks to Tawnya for the heads up. 

    And over at Spences, an Epic Cupcake time shirt has popped up.  Thanks to Marguerite for the heads up on that one!

    There are a few more drawing style pony things popping up at Books-a-million in Texas.  I'm pretty sure these guys have hit every possible way to color ponies, but I'm sure I'll be proven wrong next time.   Thanks to HannaH for the images.

    Toys R' Us has yet another puzzle thing in the UK for £3.50.  Not a whole lot to say about that one other than Celestia is white, yay!

    And finally, the Netherlands has a few random pieces of pony merch.   Along with the yellow blindbags, they have some books and Scarves for you all to grab.   Thanks to Mark van Shaik for the images!

    And that about covers it on random merch! If you find something weird out there in the wide wide world, send em on over!