• Nightly Roundup #441

    Luna Vs Ducks edition

    Also GIGANTIC CAKE.  Like, quadruple diabetes level cake.  It's huge. 

    Have some roundup.


    So many layers of cake!

    Koei Games Posts Ponies

    Dynasty Warriors? Check.  Derpy? Check!  Facebook, here!

    Pony Licence Plate

    And then the car was 20%....nm, its a car!

    Applejack Audio Drama Series Seeks Voices

    Hello everypony. I'm AceOfSpades1309 and I need actors and actresses for a 6-episode audio drama series staring Applejack, the Apple Family, and an Original Character. The story is based on a fanfic story by by Kody910 called Scorched, a truly fantastic romance story. For more info, please go to my tumblr at http://aceofspades1309.tumblr.com/


    Brony Bookclub Episode 9

    This week we talked about Human fics with our pal JasonTheHuman. He talked about how he started Anthropology, and his problems with starting another story. For the first time in weeks, our guest didn't mention Douglas Adams. We all talked about Human fics, the different kinds and why they're so maligned. Sam and I talked about what we liked and didn't like about the fic. If a listener wants to email is they should do so here ([email protected])

    "All the Stars in the Sky" Fanfic Audio Book

    Check this one out here!


    Successful Meetups

    Grill Master Meetup

    Wow, time sure flies. A year has passed since the last barbeque and I'd be lying if I said things didn't change. We've seen the number of bronies grow quite nicely since the last one. What made this day extra special was to have a few bronies show up that we though were banished to the moon. In the end, we got together, shared some laughs, and enjoyed some of the fleeting nice weather. All around, it was a good time and one I hope we get to experience again next year. Hopefully with someone remembering to bring the lighter fluid for the charcoal. This is The Grill Master saying, to all your bronies, grill on and hope for another wonderful year of ponies.

    Harrogate Meetup

    T'was a warm sunny day in ye olde Harrogate as the Bronies descended upon the station, numbering 18 in total, fun was had in the beautiful 'Valley Gardens' in the form of a Quiz followed by a spot of Mini-Golf. Although we had a few problems finding a restaurant to accommodate the group fun was had by all as we battled one another with foam swords. Thanks to everypony who came and be sure to look out for updates on the next Yorkshire Bronies meet in Leeds on the 20th October!

    Photo Album : http://s1060.photobucket.com/albums/t450/YorkshireBronies/First%20Harrogate%20Meetup/

    Full Write-up : https://docs.google.com/document/d/13A6jxnurmbRQ_VrlmkXnx4nBtBiytFuLJdW1YpVOhJM/edit

    - Yorkshire Bronies -
    Skype : Yorkshire Bronies
    RDN : http://rainbowdash.net/group/yorkshirebronies
    UKoE : http://ukofequestria.co.uk/threads/harrogate-brony-meet-up-yorkshire-bronies.4664/
    Twitter : https://twitter.com/YorksBronies
    Facebook : http://www.facebook.com/YorkshireBronies

    Ottawa Meetup

    It’s back to school in Canadas capital, and the Ottawa bronies kicked off the year with a wonderous back to school party at East Side Marios (Blair location), Our largest meetup to date with 24 people in attendance. Two free appetizers were had due to being on hold for 15min while reserving, along with all you can eat bread and salad. Many firsts; one of our younger members came out with her mother for her first meetup and showed off a wonderful homemade plushie.  A brony from brazil in the city for studying came out and we gave him some winter tips. Many new members in attendance overall! In addition we drew the attention of some late-teen girls the next table over and thus took some time to ambassador for the fandom, they took some pictures with us to show off to their friends and were pretty interested in us/the fandom! 

    Dutch Meetup

    And yet again a very successful national Dutch meet! Although slightly less people than the last time (135 instead of 150), we spent another whole day together. A day filled with ponies, with ponies, and with more ponies.

    Bronies from all over the country joined up yet again on September 8th in Utrecht. In the space rented by the Bronies.nl crew, people were socializing, working on fanart, playing board- and cardgames and were dancing to their favorite brony music (and gangdam style). A few were even busy with making music or painting blindbags. And of course, there was a drawing competition and an auction again.

    Luckily, the weather was perfect for this time of the year! Quite some people were outside most of the day with other bronies and enjoying their activities there.

    All in all, a very nice meetup. Thanks everypony for coming!

    If you want to know more about the Dutch Bronies Community, visit us at www.bronies.nl.