• 'Last Exit To Ponyville' Update

    Last Exit to Ponyville, the radio show we featured earlier this month, is ready to start recording their first October show, and you know what that means: they need call-ins from you guys!

    Want to be on the show? Read their blurb below!

    Greetings ladies and gentlecolts!

    We are preparing for our first October episode on Last exit to Ponyville to record next week and that means... MORE CALL INS!

    Our question is: "What is your favorite moment of season 1?"

    We will be using a max of 5 minutes for call ins for this show BUT fear not,I will include them in our post credit roll for the show so no matter what (within reason, you'll be on the show!) Our call in number is 817-717-7202 OR you can email us @ [email protected] subject: Ponyville.

    Lastly we want to grow our community and interact with you on a daily basis so visit our new facebook page

    All new shows will be posted here

    Here is a sneak peak at the Ponyville Giftshop as well