• Bronies for Good Project Announcements: Brony Bazaar and Anthology Sale

    I'm sort of kind of late with this, so here's an adorable Twilight by way of an apology. Bronies for Good has been busy busy busy, helping to raise money to build an oxygen machine for someone with Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease, along with several other charities.

    The Brony Bazaar is a combination online/offline auction selling all sorts of stuff to raise money for the aforementioned oxygen machine. The person its being purchased for is having enormous difficulty breathing without it, and the auction ends tonight, so let's not waste time on my writeups. Here's a page break: below it is everything you need to know.

    **Brony Bazaar Online/Offline Charity Auction: *GOING ON RIGHT NOW AND END'S TOMORROW AT 11:59 P.M EST*

    We here at BfG, in collaboration with Ponies for Oxygen and NYC bronies, are putting together an online charity auction to help raise enough money help purchase an oxygen machine for Gaylene Fox, the mother of CloudKicker and Whoof. Her ailment (Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease) has left her lungs in a very damaged state and has made it extremely difficult for her to breathe without the use of an oxygen machine. We are still a little over $1,000 short of the final goal, so if you would like help us afford the oxygen machine for Gaylene while also your chance to grab some awesome pony prizes, then feel free to check out the item’s up for grabs below!

    • Fluttershy pony toy (Large Fluttershy in Gala dress)

    • Commission from Zeneffy:

    • **Full set of 15 pins (Mane Six, the princesses, the CMC, Vinyl, Tavi, Lyra, and Derpy)

    • A commission from the artist of this work:

    • **A Twilightlicious poster signed by Tara Strong

    • **A "Join the Herd" poster signed by Tara, Lauren Faust, and John D' Lancey

    • **A full set of Season One MLP blindbags (includes extra prizes in the package , see Ebay listing for more details)

    Here is how it works:

    We will be having a table at the Brony Bazaar, a Bronies-NYC meetup on September 1st, with a majority of the prizes that we have up for the silent auction. There, we will have two 2 table staffers who will caretaking the items and facilitate the bidding process. The specially marked “**” item’s above will also be available on ebay for concurrent online/offline bidding. Here are the listings according to item:

    Signed “Join the herd” poster by Lauren Faust, Tara Strong, and John De Lancie
    My Little Pony Signed “Twilightlicious” Poster by Tara Strong
    My Little Pony Full Pin Set
    My little Pony full Season 1 Blindbag collection with extras!

    So, If a bid is made at the event is greater than the highest bid on ebay, then we will close the online auction on ebay and award the item to the highest bidder at the Brony Bazaar.The auction will be left open until one day after the event, at that time, a winner will be deicded between the auction on Ebay and the auction at the event itself. The closing time for the auction is 11:59 PM EST on September 2nd.

    Another important thing to note is that during the event (September 1st,) we will have a google doc up showing the winning bid between both the Ebay listings and those bidding on the item in the silent auction. That way, you know what the winning bid really is!


    We will also have other prizes, such as commissions from artists and other pony toys and pins. If you would like to know anything about our smaller prizes and if you are interested in placing bids on some of them, please don’t hesitate to contact my email at [email protected]

    Any general questions about the auction, however, should be sent to [email protected], and we would be glad to assist you with any question you have about the auction.

    Anyway, that’s it for now everyone. Be sure to spread the word and thank you for your ongoing support!

    **Ponies the Anthology T-Shirt and Swag Sale + Post:


    "We, the members of PONIES: The Anthology II, have an important announcement to make! First, we would like to thank everyone that watched and enjoyed our contribution to this fandom. We are still reeling from the overwhelming amount of positive feedback PONIES has gotten since we released it back in July.

    Secondly, and more importantly, we are extremely excited to announce that our charity website is up and running. It took a few extra weeks but we think it was worth it. We have some great posters and t-shirts featuring some of the art that was seen in PONIES: The Anthology II. Do you want to know the best part? All profits from every sale go to charity! Specifically it goes to http://www.cancerresearch.org/.

    You may be wondering why we are running a charity in the first place. During the production of Anthology II one of our members, Zetzu, passed away due to cancer. It affected us greatly, and we thought that the best way to honour his memory is to donate a bunch of money to cancer research. Not only have we provided some great swag for you guys, but we are also able to help out a great cause.

    We ask that if you enjoyed PONIES: The Anthology II please look at what we are offering and buy something you like! We want to get a great big donation to help the fight against cancer and honour our friend. We also want to thank all of you that watched and commented on our project, and we look forward to what the community comes up with in the future."

    Lastly, Seeds of Kindness 2: Faithful and Strong, is looking for donations of prizes to help fuel the next major project. Read about that here.