• Random Merch : Calendars, Shirts, Bandages Part 2, and More!

    A new calendar has popped up at Dollar Tree!  It looks a bit similiar to the old one, but hey, might as well ponify your 2013, and at one buck, who could pass it up? A few people sent this one, but thanks to Sean for these specific images! 

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    Welovefine also looks to be updating their Nouveau lineup with new designs. There haven't been a whole lot of shirts released over there recently, but this is went up the other day.

    Looks like another language on these, in fact, they were found in Mexico! Have a translation from Dr. Gibran!

    20 units

    Collect all the 20 different ones! (inside the heart)
    The My Little Pony "Curitas" (brand name) bandaids are printed with images of characters from My Little Pony like Scootaloo and Rainbow dash so that the little wounds can be quickly forgotten.
    -They can be removed painlessly.
    -They don't stick to the wound.
    -They protect the wound against bacteria and dirt.
    Mode of use: place the bandaid after washing, drying and desinfecting the wound.

    And here we have more back to school stuff in the form of a pencil case.  This was found at Walmart in Surrey, British Columbia by Underdogbassist. 

     Hot Topic also appears to be doing well with their belt line of pony stuff.  Vinyl Scratch has joined the herd of other fan favorites.  Check that out on their website!  Thanks to Brian for the heads up!

    And that about covers it.  Now go find more RANDOM MERCH.