• Ponychats Monthly Art Contest - August.

    It's August, and that means the ponychats channel on the side bar is holding their monthly art contest.  Head on down past the break for information on what is required and how you can enter!

    And head on over here to find July's entries! 

    Welcome to the #EquestriaDailyArt pepetual monthly art challenge! What it is? It’s name is pretty much an explanation for the whole idea - every single month we pick up a theme or a topic for the challenge for all of you, creative bronies, to work with and produce art in accord to the chosen topic. At the end of the month a general vote is held to pick the best work of the month and the author of the chosen work became the winner - fame, glory, applause and adoration of the groupies are the benefits... as much as a true prize in form of brand new Wacom Bamboo Gen3 Small! Amongst other prizes that is, provided entirely by anonymous sources for the benefits of bronydom! So don’t slack off, take your pencils, pens and other tools of trade and Get To Work!

    August 2012 Challenge
    Third challenge! This time we are going to give you a little both a little bit more of creative field to work with and a bit more /tight/ guidelines of what we will be looking for. Because this time we are looking for Elements of Discord! You most likely met the idea or hear about it already in the ponydom - basically, six chosen ponies that were ‘gifted’ with an element that is a counter to the one represented in the elements of harmony. This month challenge is about designing a pony that would be an ebodiement of one of the following elements.

    • In contrary to element of Honesty, there is Corruption.
    • In contrary to element of Kindness, there is Cruelty.
    • In contrary to element of Generosity, there is Avarice.
    • In contrary to element of Loyalty, there is Treachery.
    • In contrary to element of Laugther, there is Despair.
    • In contrary to element of Magic, there is Apathy.

    The challenge do not /require/ you to draw all three. Or just one. Draw as many as you want - one, two, five, all of them. What matters is the /design/. The cutie mark, the colors, the face, the mane styles, plausible costumes. We want them to really /shout/ their element to the viewer so it is easy to guess on the spot.

    And there is another twist! In addition to the usual prize in form of the tablet, our beloved Fall Silently (http://fallsilently.deviantart.com/) will do a custom pony of the winning piece! So get your tolls and start working ;)

    About the artwork

    1. Artwork must not exceed 1000 x 1000 pixels.
    2. Artwork must be either in JPG or PNG format. Vectors can be send as AI or EPS.
    3. Artwork file must be named after the author - nickname or real name, it does not matter, but any artwork that will not be named after its author will NOT be participating in a challenge.

    Rules of submission

    1. To participate in the challenge you must send a proper art to the contest. You can send the file either by mail ([email protected]) or simply adding it to our Flickr Group Pool.
    2. Keep it PG-13! No gore, excessive violence, sexual content.
    3. It goes without saying that the art you send must be yours! If we find out that you tried to submit a stolen art, you will be disqualified from the challenge... Forever!
    4. You can send only /one/ art per challenge - so with all this time really try your best to make it gorgeus!
    5. The challenge start with the first day of the month and end at 23:59 GMT time of the last day of the month.
    6. Rule of Bronies! If you won the challenge already and now won it again, instead of getting a second tablet (since you already got one, greedypants!) winner will choose any of the participants that did not win any challenges yet to receive the prize.
    7. Any questions? Ask any of the channel admins or direct your concern/question/complain/muffin to [email protected]