• Blast from the Past #12

    It's been a couple weeks since our last trip down memory lane, so hopefully today we've got some awesome things for you to reminisce about.

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    Sit back, relax, and have some popcorn if you will! Time for another Blast from the Past!

    Stephen Colbert Makes First Pony Reference

    Almost a year ago to the day, a little show you might have heard of first mentioned ponies live on air much to the excitement of all. That's right, on August 1, 2011, Stephen Colbert himself gave a shout out to bronies everywhere much to the shock of everyone! Since then he has made a couple more shout outs to the community, but his first will always be the best and the only one to make Lauren Faust herself say 'Holy guacamole!'

    Video Link

    DJ-P0n3 Takes a Request Series

    In no other fandom have I seen so much material generated over just a few seconds of content! DJ-P0n3 quickly swept through the fandom when she was revealed back in season one and has become a staple background pony since. Shortly after the appearance of our pony DJ, videos began popping up showing her jamming out to a large variety of tunes. Above is one such example of the DJ taking requests from back in March 2011. Check it out!

    Super Ponybeat - Luna

    Having mentioned Eurobeat before, it would be remiss of me to mention one of his most popular songs! Released in May 2011 Eurobeat's song Luna was the first of his vocal musical arrangements and was met with much critical fanfare. Two versions of the song exist as well, the Dream version which you can find above and the Nightmare version in the EqD link above. Check them both out if you can!

    Pony Polka II - Angry Pony Polka

    After the success of the first Pony Polka, FluttershyElsa quickly released another Pony Polka video parodying Weird Al's work back in April 2011. Shortly there after, Weird Al once again tweeted on his Twitter account that he had seen the latest video, much to the fandom's rejoicing! It's too bad he never did show up as a guest star, but considering how big pony is at this point maybe it is still a possibility.

    Avast Fluttershy's Ass

    Last in our series of vids for this edition is a song that has been mixed over and over since it debuted in May 2011, becoming one of the most popular short songs in the entire community. Avast Fluttershy's Ass by WoodenToaster is one catchy beat, one most of you have probably already heard, but it sure is worth checking out again!

    Blast from the Past Drawfriend

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    On This Day in Pony History - August 5, 2011

    Know how today we are bombarded with all sorts of customs and plushies? It wasn't always like that as these posts from a year ago will prove. Crazy how far we have come in just a year, eh?

    Plushie Compilation
    Custom Compilation