• An Important Message From The Everfree Northwest Crew

    This isn't, strictly speaking, a pony thing. But it did bring us what is certainly going to go down as one of the ultimate pony things of all time - Everfree Northwest. Unfortunately, issues prevented them from making this announcement at the tail end of the convention proper, so they've asked us to pass the message along to you, instead. We're more than happy to oblige. Read on, and hear what they have to say. I promise it's worth a minute of your time:

    Greetings Everypony,

    We really want to thank all of you who believed in us to make the first annual Everfree Northwest a stunning reality. It was a truly amazing experience that has changed our lives for good, and for the better. While we couldn't have done it without the help of our community, we also would not be where we are today without the unwavering support of a local creative space here in Seattle, called the Jigsaw Renaissance. Jigsaw is, in there own words:

    "Ideas. Unfiltered, unencumbered, and unapologetically enthusiastic ideas. Ideas that lead to grease-smeared hands, lavender sorbet, things that go bang, clouds of steam, those goggle-marks you see on crazy chemistry geeks, and some guy (or girl) in the background juggling and swinging from a trapeze.
    We are a collective of intellectual eccentrics, passionate about learning and our various (and yes, I mean various) arts. Walk through our door with an open mind, and you are liable to be whisked off your feet and into a project you’d never have thought up. We encourage communal learning, asking questions, and pushing that red button. Go on. Do it. If you stick around long enough, you’ll end up being the one creating projects and doing the 3-2-1 countdown for some new toy. Which is exactly what we hope will happen."

    The Jigsaw Renaissance gave us the facilities, supplies, and material support for us to have our regular staff meetings. If one has ever tried to get almost 100 Bronies together in one place, they can attest that it is not easy. So we ask you, straight from our hearts, to help keep this amazing place open--to give back to this organization who has given our community so much, so that more crazy ideas can flourish and blossom into things even bigger than Everfree Northwest.

    Please visit their website at www.jigsawrenaissance.com to find out more and donate!