• Nightly Roundup #384

    This roundup is FILLED WITH RAINBOWS.  Have a bunch Dashie, podcasts, and meetups after the break!

    Chalk Rainbow Dash

    It's Dash night, so have some more Dash.

    Dash on Adrenaline


    Rainbow Dash's Hotel in Monopoly Hotel

    This is from the Monopoly Hotel game.  Apparently they are following the Dash memes over at EA too!

    Twilight's Sandwich in Real Life

    Honestly I don't think I could eat a flower.

    Legends of Equestria Seeking Voice Actors

    Have some Copy paste!
    The time has finally come to open auditions for Legends of Equestria's elite team of talented and charismatic writers! A lucky few will be hand-selected to join the ranks of what may just be the single most important group of literary geniuses the world has ever known! If you have the skill, determination, and small bit of luck that you need to make it past the auditions, you can hailed as having been one of those lucky few. Be prepared to have statues erected in your honor, and people you are romantically interested in begin stalking you on a casual basis! This is The Legends of Equestria Writing Auditions!

    All information you need about voice acting can be found here: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=8YS13L6dVQo&feature=plcp

    Submit your application here!

    Link to article: http://www.legendsofequestria.com/content/legends-equestria-writers-and-voice-actors-needed


    Australian Brony Cast

    Just like the title says we'll be looking at the Toy's and clothing and everything else in between too. Tune in and join in the fun we'll have and you maybe able come on the livestream and talk ponies with us and what you would like to see in Season 3 too.


    FoE Radio Play Episode 5!

    Check it out here!

    Brohoof Podcast

    The gang quickly recaps all the pony stuff from Bronycon, RTX, and Comic-Con, and finally answer some more fanmail questions.
    The Brohoof is also pleased to announce that they will be performing a Radio Play of Bridle Gossip from season 1 live this Sunday night (July 22) after their regularly scheduled podcast on our Twitch channel. For more information, including how to participate, click here.

    Behind the Vocalist Episode 1

    I have just unveiled the first of four episodes of my new series "Behind the Vocalist" which is a show designed to explain vocal technique among artists in the brony fandom in terms that, hopefully, everypony can understand and that inexperienced vocalists can use to better their own singing.



    Successful Meetups

    German Meetup

    we just had a successful Brony Meetup in Phantasialand in Brühl (near Cologne) Germany. We thought you might be interested in a photo of the group. At the End (where the photo is taken) we were 40 Bronies and we were all very happy as you can see!

    We're all Bronies from the Bronies.de Board. So greetings from the whole german Brony Board!
    Greensboro Meetup

    Greensboro, NC and surrounding areas had a blast at a barbecue meetup all day on Saturday, July 21. We met at Country Park from 12-7 and played games, won prizes, discussed best pony, and ate the extremely large amount of food we brought. We had a trivia contest, ending in some very tough questions (Do you know what MMMM stands for, or who Jet Set’s wife is?). At the end of the day, we packed up and hit the local Target for pony toys, coloring books, and trading cards. Our pony lust not yet satisfied, we mostly ended the meetup with a raid on the Toys R Us for blindbags and other brushables.

    Lit sparklers in the beret was not a planned activity, and probably a bad idea for some reason we didn't think of, but it made for an awesome picture.

    One last thing: We also had among us the leader of the Switzerland Bronies, who was visiting here and decided to drop in for the meetup. Photo credits actually go to him, so thanks! 


    Today was a special day for latin american bronies as Bronymexicon was held. Despite their lack of press releases (Ha! I did read it!) the convention was a blast. ClaireAnneCarr doing a concert, auction sales and the two bronie queen themselves.
    First Tara Strong, the original Brony Queen, via screen answered all the questions and was as kind and generous as ever.
    And then Maggie Vera, latin VA for Fluttershy and director of the dub version; she was basically named the Latin American Brony Queen, earnign her own ponysona. Maggie turned out to be as kind and nice as Tara and to love bronies the same, calling herself a brony and showing she can not only handle the fandom...SHE IS part of the fandom as excited as we were to be there with her.
    Unfortunately the "we" doesn´t include me since I couldn´t assist (So sadddddd) but there´s plenty of material.
    Here are pictures of the event!:

    Groups/Meetups/Guilds Looking for More

    Leeds Mega Meet-up - 28th July 2012

    Greetings, us at the Yorkshire Bronies team are putting together a large meet-up in Leeds.
    We have put together a well thought out plan for the day of the meet-up and have arranged for
    us to have not only a theatre but a bar as well. This meet-up is intended to be bigger then
    the average meet-up and be much more fun!

    Here are the Details:

    Discuss the meet-up here:


    Any Questions please contact our E-mail or Skype:
    E-mail: [email protected]
    Skype: Yorkshire Bronies

    I hope to see you there!

    Merch/Ebay Stuff
    Scootaloo Plush
    Scratch Plush
    Crochet Plushies
    Filly Scratch Plush
    Twilight Sparkle and Spike Pillow