• Amy Keating Rogers Interviewed on Total Media Bridge!

    Amy Keating Rogers has landed another interview over on Total Media Bridge! In it, she goes through both Care Bears and Friendship is Magic.  We even get some favorite character and favorite episode! For some reason us brony interviewers are always afraid to ask that!

    Check it out here!

    Total Media Bridge sent us a thank you message to broadcast for all of you as well! Check that out after the break!

    This is Kevin Johnson, writer for Total Media Bridge, and I want to thank you for posting the recent interview with Amy! I'm looking to get more interviews with M.A., Cindy, and Meghen hopefully soonish (although no guarantees.)

    I also want to thank the readers and viewers at EQ for checking out that interview as well. At the risk of sounding all market-y, we (well, me) at TMB attempt to think about and discuss all forms of entertainment with equal consideration and critical footing, which indeed includes cartoons and games, which tend to be pushed aside for critically acclaimed, high-quality movies and TV shows. If there's a connection between Twilight Sparkle and, let's say, Skylar White from Breaking Bad, I am to find it!

    I'm not sure what is or isn't your policy for posting certain types of information publicly on EQ, but at the very least, if it is at all possible to post the above thanks, it would be appreciated. If by any chance you can post more, I'd love it spread around my contact info:

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