• Trixie and Lyra Spotted on Kmart.com

    Thanks to some diligent bronies over on Ponychan they were able to catch at Kmart.com what looks like the first listings of those new MLP toys we saw at the toy expo a couple months ago. So far they have Trixie, Lyra, and a small assortment of others up on the site for purchase it seems. The toys also come with a copy of Lesson Zero so there is another episode to add to your DVD collection.

    Now these are just initial postings and apparently Kmart has an organizational problem that might make placing an order at this time result in you receiving a different pony than you ordered, so just a word of caution to you all.

    You can find the thread detailing the discovery here.

    Check after the break for more pictures and for links to the toys themselves!

    Trixie Lulamoon
    Lyra Heartstrings
    Sunny Rays
    Cherry Berry