• EQD Q&Neigh Announcement and Bronyville Episode 56

    We have been running with Pre-reader Q&Neighs for a while now, and some of you have requested that we get the old admin ones going again.  Bronyville has agreed to help us with that! Using their years of podcasting experience, they hope to reshape them into something much more entertaining for all of you.  From now on, they will be both monthly, and broadcasted over a livestream channel for everyone to bug us on.

    And what do we need from you? Questions! Drop some in the comments below.  I know you guys have some, I have to clear our 50+ a day at my personal email after all!   Ask anything, be it pony/episode related or EQD/Blog related.  You can target any of the blogponies, be it Cereal, Phoe, Calpain, or whoever else you can think of!

    Bronyville also has episode 56 out for you all to chew on.  Information on that, as well as the Q&Neigh, can be found after the break!

    Bronyville Episode 056 – Friendship goes to the Library!
    Greetings one and all!
    This week on the Bronyville Podcast, Apple Cider is joined by the
    lovely Pixelkitties and the mysterious bit Midnight Shadow. Within is
    a two and a half hour long podcast filled with your emails, prizes,
    news, big adventure, tons of fun, and such. You may find the show
    below or on www.bronyshow.com.


    Q&Neigh - CV has made an image for this but I don't have it right on hand

    Hey gang,

    This is Apple Cider from the ever popular Bronyville podcast
    (Bronyvillepodcast.com) speaking through whichever lucky EQD staffer
    decided to post this. We have partnered with the fine heads of
    Equestria Daily to make these Q&Neigh shows a monthly occurrence. We
    get the opportunity to collect all of your wonderful questions and you
    get the opportunity to watch it all live at Noon, Sunday June 3rd at

    What we need are questions! So please, fire away with your very best
    questions! I might even throw in a weekly prize for submitting! So get
    to it ponyfriends!

    Who: EQD Staff (Seth, Phoe, Cereal, Calpain, Ect) and Bronyville Podcast (Apple Cider)
    When: Noon, Sunday June 3rd
    Where: www.justin.tv/bronyvillepodcast
    What: News, your questions, prizes, and more!
    Why: Because we love you! (plutonic)