• Blast from the Past #3

    Greetings once again everyone! It's time once again for a Blast from the Past. As always, thank you all for sending in your suggestions. If you have any other pieces of pony history you'd like to see featured, send them my way at [email protected]

    First Video: My Little Pony Physics Presentation - Since I have a presentation I have to give myself tomorrow, I thought this classic pony presentation deserved to be spotlit again! While not the first ever pony presentation, it can arguably be said it was one of the best early pony presentations out there and certainly the first that went viral. First appearing back in May 2011, the video eventually spread across the net bringing in pony fans and non-pony fans alike. The Physics Presentation Brony saga culminated in a present from Hasbro themselves for the hard work on the presentation.

    Check out the rest of the vids and music I have for you after the break!

    Guile's Theme Goes With Everything - Sonic Rainboom

    Yeah, Guile's theme does go with everything and ponies are no exception. Back in early 2011 ponies were being mashed together with every meme possible resulting in some pretty humorous pics and vids. This Guile's theme mashup with pony was one of the earliest videos I saw when I joined the fandom and was suggested by quite a few of you. Check it out above!

    My Little Pony - Rainbow Dash - You're Gonna Go Far Kid

    Probably one of the most popular pony PMVs out there, this version of You're Gonna Go Far Kid as sung by Rainbow Dash has amassed close to 4 million views since its debut in April 2011. It's rather catchy in my opinion so check it out. Warning: Does contain swearing

    My Little Pony: Chiptunes by RainbowCrash88

    I cannot believe it has already been well over a year since the first pony chiptunes from RainbowCrash88 made it on to Youtube. In March 2011, RainbowCrash brought to the fandom his lovely renditions of pony music done in glorious chiptunes. Ah, reminds me of when I was a kid with nothing but an NES. Good times. Check out his first chiptune above, and a list of other chiptunes in his video list on his channel here!

    My Little Pony - Polka is Magic

    Ponies have generated a lot of silly things over the past year and this video was no exception. With a quirky art style combined with even quirkier music, Polka is Magic mesmerized the Bronies that saw it back in April 2011. Check above for some randomness!

    Story of the Blanks

    Click me to Play!

    Didn't think I would just highlight vids and music did you? Story of the Blanks was one of the first pony games I remember playing that left an impression on me and is probably one of the only grimdark pony fan creations I very much enjoy. Released in July 2011 the story follows Apple Bloom as she gets separated from Twilight in the Everfree forest and goes on an adventure she will certainly never forget.

    This game has served as an inspiration to not only spawn it's own fan art, but has spurred others into making games themselves! If you haven't checked this oldie out then do so, you won't be disappointed!