• Remix Music: Trixie Is Best Pony // Fruits Of Her Labour // Back in the Day (Orchestral Swing Mashup)

    Mouth so full of lies-
    tend to black your eyes.
    Just keep them closed-
    keep praying- just keep waiting.

    Remixes, in packs of three: one for Trixie, one for Fruits Of Her Labour, mashup of all sorts of songs from Tsyolin!

    1) [music] Trixie Is Best Pony -- Scootalootacris
    2) WoodenToaster & StormWolf - Fruits Of Her Labour (Likonan's Nu Skool Han Breaks Remix)
    3)Tsyolin Befriends The Living Tombstone - Back in the Day (Orchestral Swing Mashup)