• Convention Compilation - April 20th 2012 Edition

    This week on the Convention Compilation Megapost.

    We have the following:
    • Galacon Ticket Registration is Ready to Go
    • Equestria LA Looking for Local Artists
    • Pon3 Con 2012 Announced! (Nebraska)
    • Brony Fan Fair Announced in Austin Texas!
    •  Equestria LA and AM2 Announcement + Animated Promo!
    And as a reminder to all con heads, please submit your information before the Friday of each week.  Include a headline, release, and image.  

    Pon3 Con 2012 Announced!  

    Attention Bronies and Pegasisters! Nebraska's first My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic convention -PON3 Con 2012: The Running of the Leaves- is on it's way!

    When: September 22nd (the first day of Autumn) 10am-Midnight

    Where: The HQLLC building 12642 S 9th St. Bellevue, NE

    Admission: $11 at the door for an all-day badge (Children 4 and under free*)

    Even though this is our inaugural year, we've got a lot of big things planned for Bronies of all ages! Here are just a few things you can expect at this year's con:

    -Brony-out with your fellow MLP enthusiasts at our all-ages and 18+ panels. It's programming by Bronies for Bronies!

    -Hang-out with and attend panels by our super-special guests of honor: Hot Diggedy Demon and Balddumborat!

    -Draw (vector/Photoshop/finger-
    paint/whatever) your favorite ponies or non-pony things at our art jam featuring comic artist and illustrator Fredd Gorham!

    -Pick-up some amazing, one-of-a-kind pony merch and art from our pony art vendors and guest art auction featuring artwork by Hot Diggedy Demon, Balddumborat, Aokineko, Smashinator, and more!

    -Party like Pinkie at our rave, featuring guest DJ and Brony: Revolution Boi!

    -Display your physical prowess in the Iron Brony competition -a contest of speed, agility, and guts that will put each Brony to the test!

    -Don't forget style, that should be considered! Channel your inner Rarity and show-off your style in our pony costume contest and masquerade.

    -Race, fight, and frag your friends in our all-day video game room by 70MGame! Feeling old-school? Don't fret, we have a great selection of analog games too -"you stung my bumblebee!"

    -Relax and catch a few episodes of everypony's favorite friendship-based show in the all-day MLP: FIM theatre.

    For more information on PON3 Con events, guests, and volunteer opportunities check out our Website- http://pon3con.webs.com/, Facebook- https://www.facebook.com/groups/105983572856835/ or shoot us an e-mail at [email protected]

    *Attendees 17 and under require a parent or legal guardian signature to attend. Children 15 and under are required to have a parent/legal guardian present to provide supervision.

    Galacon Ticket Registration is Ready to Go

    My dearest subjects,

    After preparing dozens of things in the background, like a slight redesign of our homepage, we are very proud to announce that our ticket registration will go live before the great wedding.

    On Saturday, April 21st, at 1 p.m. UTC (3 p.m. CET, 9 a.m. EST) we will launch our ticket registration together with our club partner Animexx (http://www.animexx.com). You need to act quickly now, since our tickets are limited to 400.

    The basic Weekend Ticket will be sold for €40 and grants you access to all normal panels and events of the Galacon.

    For €85 you can buy the Grand Gala Ticket which not only includes an invitation to the Gala Ball but also a full board stay in the Stuttgart International, where the Galacon takes place.

    If you want to come on Friday or leave on Monday, every additional night will cost you €35.

    Last but not least is the Dealer Ticket: For just additional €20 you will get a sales table for your art, customs and plushies.

    Payment just requires a simple bank account, since we prefer SWIFT transactions to ensure that nopony abuses your valuable bits.

    Furthermore starting on Saturday, if you want to support the Galacon and receive special gifts, like the convention poster or even a Flash™ animation made by Mr. Poniator, you can donate at our crowdfunding site.

    Together with StartNext, where the cinematic surprise “Iron Sky” was financed, we give you the opportunity to donate for special gifts, which you will never find in any store. If you just want to support us symbolically, you can become a fan of our StartNext page at http://www.startnext.de/en/galacon or compete in one of the competitions we will hold this summer.

    See you in Stuttgart or at http://www.galacon.eu,

    Yours faithfully,

    Galacon Staff

    Equestria LA Looking for Local Artists

    Equestria LA, California's MLPFiM convention, is looking for some local SoCal artists to help with a 'How To Draw Ponies' panel. Digital and traditional artists are welcome! All applicants can submit examples of their work to [email protected] , submissions close April 30, 2012.

    Brony Fan Fair Announced in Austin Texas

    Founded in 2012, Brony Fan Fair is an annual one day My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic fan convention in Austin, Texas. With the creation ofMLP:FiM conventions across the northern areas of the United States, many people in today’s age have come to find a phenomenon similar Star Trek conventions of the past era; yet this phenomenon takes on an identity of its own. Although MLP:FiMexists today with the baggage of its girly tea party centric 80′s incarnation, the franchise has found a much more diverse fanbase. Not in just girls or women, but also boys and men! With the numbers increasing across the United States, Texas Bronies, with no centralization of a pony convention, were stuck wondering: “what about us?”
    Texas Bronies, we have answered the call. We recognized a need to unify the fandom in Texas for a day where everypony can meet other fans and geek out without fear of being judged. With a total of more than eight years of convention organizing experience, the team behind Brony Fan Fair endeavor to create such an environment for Bronies and Pegasisters to thrive.
    Approximately no more then three and a half hours away from Dallas and from Houston,Brony Fan Fair is proud to have its location in the capital of Texas. Austin, one of the most social cities in America, is well known for its citizens’ constant reminder to “Keep Austin Weird” and as the home for Brony Fan Fair, Austin has become 20% cooler.
    This convention is for those of you who once said, “I’ll give this show a shot.” For those of you who dare say “I’m a Brony and I’m proud of it.” For those of you who have come to love and tolerate opposition.
    For those of you who have come to realize that Friendship truly is Magic.
    Welcome to Brony Fan Fair. We can’t wait for you to come see your BFF.

    BFF will feature multitudes of programming events such as
    • Friday Night Gala (if we secure an October date, it'll be Nightmare Night themed)
    • Cosplay Contests
    • Sing-Alongs are Magic
    • Pony Video Contest (divided into two divisions: PMVs and original animation)
    • Artist Workshops
    • Charity Auction
    • Off-Topic Programming for non-MLP related events such as a Pokemon Swap Meet or an Avatar: The Last Airbender/Legend of Korra discussion panel
    Registration price will depend on the venue we select for Brony Fan Fair 2012.

    I also want to say that I am very well aware of the group attempting to start up an Austin Brony Con. Though I think it's great there are people out there who want to start a Brony Con in Austin, I was sorely disappointed because we've been working on Brony Fan Fair and were not ready to officially announce it to the world until we secured a location. We intend on BFF being a day convention and regardless of the other group attempting to do this, we will still be following through with Brony Fan Fair as we already have most of our policies, programming intentions, and web presence available in addition to the years of convention organizing experience our staff has. However, we are open to the idea of working together with the individuals behind Austin Brony Con. While I do anticipate conflict with Austin Brony Con, I want to ensure everyone reading this that we behind Brony Fan Fest will harbor no ill will towards them.

    Please check out our website at www.bronyfanfair.com.
    You can also find our Facebook page at facebook.com/bronyfanfair

     EQLA and AM2 Announcement

    Equestria LA has been invited to AM2 to host some great Brony focused events! Andrea Libman (voice of Pinkie Pie and Fluttershy) will be a guest at an exclusive panel for passport members. There will be an artist panel, dance and Brony lounge. You can find more info here: http://am2con.org/am%c2%b2-proves-that-friendship-is-magic-and-collaborates-with-equestria-l-a-to-bring-more-fun-to-attendees/
    Bronies can also apply a discount when they purchase an AM2 passport online by selecting 'EQLA member' at checkout.