• "My Lovely Horse: Happy Time" Invades the USA

    Twilight Sparkle may be sad that they aren't actually horses up there, but you should be happy because these figures absoutely demand it. The popular "My Lovely Horse: Happy Time" now has merchandise. Promising "Joyous star with you everyday", these guys follow a very similiar style to our blindbag ponies, but aren't blind. They include a window. Isn't that a huge plus? Cause I think it is.

    Unlike usual freaky knockoffs, these didn't come from another country! In fact, Dolphin Mall in Florida at a shop called "Koala's Dreamland" is apparently where you will find this exclusive, high quality horse set.

    With Hasbro moving on to G5, I'm glad we still have stuff that celebrates out G4 ponies! Check out more pictures below.

    Thanks to @KrazyKariana for the pictures!