• Top 5 Starlight Glimmer Moments in Equestria Girls

    I know for Starlight Glimmer Day she’s only been human for one 20 minute television special, but boy what a special it was. There’s evil magic, thoughts of the counterparts between the human world and pony world, and ice cream. Lots and lots of ice cream. There’s no reason to not go into all the moments of Starlight being awesome in Mirror Magic, so I’ll just go with the Top 5 that I enjoyed about both her character and how she is in the special. So let’s get this magic money maker moving with Starlight Glimmer Day.

    1. Starlight Glimmer’s curiosity can kill 200 cats

    This might be one of my favorite meetings between characters ever. We have two people heavily connected to Twilight and both very innovative when it comes to magic. Starlight, however, is always innovative. Just the idea of doing something new and exciting that might also be against the rules is something I love about her. She’s like a reckless teenager where Sunset is more on the responsible side, but can also be just as reckless as long as she’s involved in making it safe. Just having her talk Sunset into letting her come to the real world was entertaining enough. Just this screenshot alone screams “what Big Mama Twilight won’t know won’t hurt her.”


    Also this face. Who in their right mind could turn down this face?!? There’s even hearts in her eyes. Winner for best face of the special.

    2. Exposing some much needed ideas 

    Sunset: "I have never seen you in that world so…chances are you won’t run into yourself"

    This was probably just meant to be another reason for Starlight to come with Sunset to the human world, but wow was this the most interesting sentence to ever happen. The idea that it’s possible to run into another version of yourself in another dimension. All the scientific ideas and media theories that came with this. What would even happen? How was Sunset so sure of there not being another Sunset in the human world when she ran away? And let’s not forget there are other cities and towns in the human world just like in the pony world. The real human Sunset or even human Starlight could be in the neighboring town and randomly pop up. But what then? Maybe an explosion? Maybe they fuse into one version of themselves? Maybe nothing happens but the voice actors lose track of which version of themselves is talking causing multiple takes than usual? In Spring Breakdown, we did have human Twilight and Rainbow Dash go into a portal with Sunset and even hang out with Princess Twilight, but I want to be more lenient since magic is a normal occurrence in the pony world than the human world. Not to mention the many ways you can duplicate yourself like with changlings, the mirror pool, or the spell Queen Chrysalis used in The Mean 6.

    3. She can be calm and internally freak out at the same time

    I’m sure we all remember when Twilight first came to the human world in the first movie. It was a face and scream not many of us could forget. Maybe because we have Sunset to get her up to speed with having hands it what makes Starlight seem less panicked. Only Starlight can attempt to play it cool, give a hair flip, and start walking on her hands and feet like a pony. Let’s also remember that this is a really cool outfit for Starlight and feels a little more casual than the other Human 7 outfits. Makes me a little glad they didn’t make her into her teenage goth phase as heard about in “The Parent Map”. 

    4. Starlight’s calm can balance out Sunset’s chaos

    This scene was so needed for both of these characters. With Sunset worrying about the evil magic coming and going in the human world, of course she would be under stress. But Starlight is truly someone who follows their instincts and can say to take things as they come. It’s hard to say if Twilight the mentor and teacher can say something so dismissive, but sometimes that helps with not having so many things cluttering up your head. Appreciating the good that’s happening to stop worrying about the bad that may or may not happen is pretty sound advice to make you focus on the here and now. And right now I’m loving the fact that Starlight is a messy eater when it comes to ice cream.

    (Editor’s Note: Must…not…ship…)

    5. Best Understanding Villain Turned Good


    I know I haven’t mentioned much about the special, but our main antagonist Juniper Montage was probably the right one to have Starlight as someone who understands her. Revenge was what drove Starlight to target the Mane 6 in Season 5’s finale. And revenge for messing up her chances at acting is what caused Juniper to target the Humane 7. It’s interesting to have something like friendship be the thing everybody truly wants in the end instead of movie fame, draining magic to destroy two worlds, time traveling to mess up the time paradox, and world domination through brainwashed teenagers. Maybe everybody just needs some herbal tea to calm down instead of these long winded talks when the magic goes haywire.

    And that was my Top 5 Starlight Glimmer moments from Mirror Magic. I would’ve loved to seen more of Starlight and Sunset together only because they aren’t complete copies of Twilight (regardless of some similarities) and have a lot in common with their ways of being better characters after their reformation. I do admit both had very speedy turns to good, but I can’t help but like them better when they are good and can at least reference their past in lessons or as jokes. Just having them talk to Juniper about the dirt they’ve done and been forgiven for really puts it into perspective that the Humane 7 are way too forgiving. But also that anybody can change as long as they have the right people do to make them better. I’m Penny Wrights and I have some shopping to do. I really want that beanie Starlight’s human self is wearing. It’s just too cute.