• Rarity Music: Spikey Wikey - This Season [Tech House]

    Spikey Wikey sure loves playing with pony vocal samples in his songs, and it's so apprciated as the results are always so fabulous and creative! In this new release, Rarity's personality shines along with stylish and glamorous vocal samples of hers, and the cover art made for the occasion is all kinds of cute too. I especially love it considering these two are my two favorite ponies!! Seasons change, and with them, new chances to let your different wardrobes shine and be fabulous again... I feel that's what Rarity would say! This release is part of a 3-tracks album on Bandcamp! It includes another brand new track, Hush, that I highly recommend as well, it's so emotional and it plays with fun pony vocal samples too! The download also includes the track Whatever that got released on YouTube previously!