• WONDERFUL Pinkie & Twilight Music: Avery - Here and Now and so much more [Baroque Pop/Alternative Electronic]

    Everypony you gotta listen to this!! Avery made such an INCREDIBLE and WONDERFUL fan song for the 14th DustCar race (that had the topic of "Where in Equestria is Pinkamena Diane Pie?"), about Twilight learning the magic of Pinkie's smile and where comes her unnatural powers from!! I highly recommend this one, you won't regret it, believe me! It's called Here and Now and so much more and you can find the wonderful, wonderful lyrics here or in the description on YouTube and Bandcamp (these may have become my favorite pony lyrics ever). Chances are, these lyrics will make you melt like they did to me! The instrumental is very creative too and switches to Jungle and Psychedelic Ambient parts! This is my favorite track from that compo, and there are more Pinkie-themed tracks from it that I loved a lot too and they will get posted in a separate roundup post! Be on the lookout for it, all the contributions were just so amazing! And if you're dedicated to look into it early, you can find them all in the dedicated chatroom of the race in DustCar's Discord server! In the meantime, please savor and celebrate this outstanding Equestrian beauty from Avery!! Now on YouTube with a video made by yours truly and embedded below the break, and you can download the song from Bandcamp here!