• Equestria Girls: A Little Birdie Told Me Follow Up

    Felt like something even more lighthearted and funny this week so let’s look at loophole cheating using magic during a test. Ok in all fairness, best way to cheat, but was not even needed. Fluttershy has social issues at times, but that doesn’t mean she’s probably not a good student. If we’re talking pony Fluttershy during flight school, she could use some practice. But in a world of humans that aren’t supposed to have wings and magical powers, I wouldn’t think she would be less of a student. Trixie might have thought so, though. Yes, this will also be a Trixie short because…you need someone to be a nag in this case. If I was to give a moral on this short, it’s would obviously be not to cheat, but since she didn’t, the real moral is to keep Fluttershy’s name out your mouth or get heavily schooled by the quiet kid in class. Fluttershy stepping up? This is something you can’t miss.

    Yeah this is how I know I haven’t picked up a math book since high school. What is any of this? Can anybody solve this? No, of course not. Because this is probably the last thing you will ever need in the real world. Unless you want to be a math teacher or work at NASA (if this has anything to do with science), then this stuff you can learn in college. And of course it would be Cranky Doodle who loves to give out pop quizzes. It just mixes well with his smug face in torturing kids with needless work. Who knows. Maybe he’s one of those cool teachers who seem mean and spends his time counseling troubled students.

    Leave it to Fluttershy to be a type of mediator among the animals. She’d be a great leader in that case. And she at least told the bird that they can talk later after the test. It was kind of rude just to fly in and interrupt her during a test. Also this bird’s name is Hubert. Not my first guess at names, but sure. Why not.

    This just in! Trixie is not a fan of tests or pop quizzes. Color me not surprised. I won’t lie. I can feel the pain here on a relatable way. You didn’t study anything for the day and just skipped out on it thinking you won’t need to cram until later, but then a surprise quiz happens and you weren’t expecting it. Instead you decide to practice more magic tricks, including sawing your little sister’s doll in half and not being able to fix it so your mom grounds you.
    You know…relatable.

    So Hubert had some friends who also felt the need to interrupt Fluttershy taking a test. Can the birds not make an appointment with her later when she’s not busy? That’s like having that one friend come over while you’re doing homework just to play video games in the background. It’s just plain rude. And how has Cranky not seen these birds fly into the classroom?

    Ok I’d probably have this same look if one of my classmates were talking to birds during a test and possibly giving away answers. But I would be more concerned with my classmate talking to birds in general. Also another bird’s name is Reginald. Who gave these birds normal names in a world of Pinkie Pies, Fluttershys and Sunset Shimmers? (other than hippes or random celebrities).

    “Honest and observant Trixie” usually just means nosy, but whatever lets her sleep at night. I just like how Fluttershy isn’t at all shocked or surprised at the loud accusation. Just a bit embarrassed. Couldn’t be subtle even if you tried, Trixie. Also, very random shot of this kid eating his pencil. No idea why.

    So the whole situation was birds arguing over which sticks belonged to which bird. Because this was a conversation they needed to have right now. But I do love the fact that not a single person questioned how she talks to birds. That was even Trixie’s argument. Fluttershy cheating involved talking to birds and not a single person questions the part with the birds.

    See, this is what we needed more of. More of sassy Shy! She’s not tripping over her words or talking quietly. She’s putting her foot down with confidence that she knows her stuff. And I know this is a very triumphant moment for Fluttershy, but this pouting face is also very cute. I’m not taking away from her strength. She just has a cute pout face. I’ll even say Trixie always has multiple great smug faces. She wears the People’s eyebrow with sassiness.

    “Go on. Make…my…day."
    Big props to making Fluttershy an absolute beast in this one moment. Clint Eastwood would be so proud of her right now. And to even prove Fluttershy did study, Cranky picks a random question out the book and asks her to do the math. And the results?

    Cranky what is you teaching these kids?!?! What is any of this that take up half of the board? She’s right, of course, but what is any of this even supposed to mean? Who old are these kids to be studying this? Anyway, Fluttershy proves she’s smart, class cheers and is not called a cheater.

    Oh yeah. The salt in this face is so real. So what can Trixie do to make this embarrassment go away? Apologize to Fluttershy? Ask her to tutor you? Leave with a classic villain line like “this isn’t over”?

    Well…I was close with the second option. Asking the birds, who Fluttershy said don’t know anything about math, for tutoring help. Even climbed a tree and everything. I do like how confused the birds are looking. They remember you. They know what you said about their friend Fluttershy. Don’t try to be nice now with it.
    So that was A Little Birdie Told Me, a short that shows Fluttershy can still have a little Iron Will still in her. It’s nice to see Flutters taking control of situations on her own and not having to back down from a challenge. We don’t get to see that all the time and the times we do see it are probably the best episodes of the show for her (Sounds of Silence, Flutter Brutter, Keep Calm and Flutter On). She has her sassy moments in EqG too, but not as many and not as strong like this one. It would be nice if she didn’t have to have an antagonist in this situation that had to bring it out, but when she’s usually meek and doesn’t really have a problem with anyone, she wouldn’t show her fangs for nothing. But this was a fun short that had some laughs because it puts Trixie in her place, but Trixie is always a fun conflict to have. Can’t really call her a villain here or even much of an antagonist since she doesn’t retaliate or say anything more. Still can’t help but think everyone is too easy going on the girl that talks to birds, but that’s their business. I’m Penny Wrights and I gotta learn writing techniques from a cat.