• Equestria Girls Reboxing with Spike Follow Up

    Well it’s time we give praise to the one whose been there since day one. Whose been a stable in the main character’s life for a decade and possibly beyond. A character that has been taken for granted as designated punching bag and through it all has risen to the occasion of sweet, considerate, and confident male figure in this world of strong female figures. But what we’re looking at is the puppy dog version of that character. And that’s not to say I don’t like it either. It’s not as fleshed out at the original Spike the dragon since…it’s a dog that just got the ability to speak. I do like the character development that plays in his character even in the human world where he’s nothing but quips and sarcasm but still caring and loyal like any pet/little brother would be. Not to say he hasn’t had his bad moments (*ahem* Spike at your Service *cough, cough*) but who hasn’t had a bad or questionable episode? Anyway, let me get my own shot in for Spike Appreciation with a follow up about credit card fraud.

    (Editor’s Note: I literally stayed on the title screen for about 2 minutes because everything about it was bugging me. The fact that the slider on the bar is so far in but only reading 8 seconds on the side. The fact that the related videos don’t look related at all and have terrible thumbnails. And that there’s no annoying bell to ring or Subscribe button to beat into a pulp because the people in the video says so.)

    Yeah I can’t get over this smug face. He sees it in your eyes. You know you want to pet him and hug him until he’s dark purple and wondering how those scaly looking ears work. So the premise of his internet fame is unboxing dog based loot boxes and reviewing the stuff inside. Not a bad idea for a show and I’m sure there are some people out there that do this. It’s like every video I see now they have their pets interrupting whatever they’re doing. But you don’t blame the pets. You never blame the pets. It’s what keeps the view count going sometimes.

    So I had to take this screenshot just to show off how one note human Twilight is. I got A’s in science and loved doing science experiments, but that doesn’t mean I need a Periodic Table of Elements in my bedroom. And I can’t tell what that glass case on the dresser is supposed to be housing. Maybe Owlowiscious is not an owl in this world but a garter snake? But doesn’t make sense for the name. And of course Twilight has a trophy collection almost matching Rainbow Dash’s constant sports trophies.

    He has his own hashtag with a sticker. And somehow is a bit greedier than his dragon counter-part. I’m glad he doesn’t turn into a giant dog and rampage the city. Didn’t know Spike was so spoiled though. Twilight needs better parenting ideas to not have her pet “splurge” on dog toys. Also, I want to know who did this super cute graphic for the hashtag and why I don't have a sticker of it yet.

    Well even for a deluxe box it doesn’t look too expensive. A tennis ball, a bag of dog treats, maybe a battery powered bone that rolls around, and I guess the red thing is one of those piece of rope chew toys. Not too bad.

    These screenshots are killing me I swear. I just can’t stop laughing. So the red wrapped up thing was a FabergĂ© throwing disk that you can’t throw because it’s too delicate. Moments of useless items right next to the banana slicer. Also Spike is going in with his editing here with the diamond rating system in the top corner. How does Spike know how to use all this anyway? Talking or not, he’s still a dog.

    Like where is this type of dog in any of this?

    Well someone found the Snapchat glamour filter on the camera. These are also amethyst encrusted slippers. Because of course your dog needs to be blinged out while he’s drinking from the toilet. I should be more considerate. I’m sure some people do treat their dogs like this and however you raise them is fine as long as the pet is happy. But there is a limit to how much you spend. Those could probably pay my rent for half the year.

    Well he’s still a dog in the sense of rating a dirty worn out sock as the best thing in the world to him. And again, Spike is editing this video like he’s getting sponsors from The Dollar Shave Club. But no amount of heavenly light and cute angel wings is gonna make me forget this is a horrible sock that I feel like I can smell through the video. And if you need any more details, Spike says it’s been worn 200 times and never washed.

    And just like that, Twilight sees the credit card bill with $200 of a dirty sock in a box. Those impulse buys are deadly. Never be awake at 3am with cable and think you need something that makes boiled eggs cubed shaped.

    Ok even while in big trouble, this version of Spike is just too cute. Even for his new show segment “Reboxing and Returning”. I’m sure it’ll be trending somewhere. I can only imagine how in the doghouse he really is with Twilight. She’s probably grounded by her parents for spending $200 on dog stuff. Though we never see anybody’s parents in this world.
    And that was Reboxing with Spike, even though we got the reboxing at the end of the video. Like the CMC there wasn’t much Spike centered shorts (try saying that 5 times fast) in the series. He pops up from time to time and was mostly a bigger thing in the Friendship Games since that’s when he could talk. Well at least the actual dog version and not the dragon turned dog version for the first two EqG movies. I do like this dog version that’s pretty much a spoiled brat but can be sweet and caring when it matters. Spike has always been that kind of character though. Childish, silly, sensitive, but they gave him more punch in personality in Season 3. He was confident and sure of himself even when facing other dragons his age and he grew into who he wanted to be with being literally the odd man out as a dragon among ponies. And maybe it was the wings and aging him up to be more of a teenager for the show, but I’m entertained more by the snarky sarcastic dragon even when I’m moved by his moments of emotional triumph like in “Dragon Quest” and “Gauntlet of Fire”. They’re my personal favorite episodes of him and shows that he has more individuality than we let on by not being like all the other dragons his age or trying to adapt at a life he had no idea about just because he's a different species than the ones who raised him. Spike is there when he never needs to be and that just shows his undying loyalty to the ones closest to him. I’m Penny Wrights and I have some purple spotted eggs to find. I need someone to clean my room because he wants to.