• 30+ Fanfics to Read for Vinyl and Octavia Day

    We have another bunch of fanfics to read dedicated entirely to Octavia and Vinyl! These are a different list than the set we had last year.

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    Slice of Life

    Octavia Takes The Bus by The Dorkside99
    Her car's a mess, and so is her life. What better way to start making sense of the cruel world than to take the city bus? Octavia is in for a bumpy ride as she journals her observations and feelings about using the Equestrian Transit System. What will she discover? Only one way to find out!

    Mezza Voce by Ciroton
    Vinyl Scratch is a mare of mystery: hard to meet and even harder to get to know. It is an image she has cultivated since her early days as a DJ and is not likely to ever let go. She is the queen of the music scene and her purple shades are her crown. To her roommate, Octavia, she is a vulgar annoyance and a blemish on her otherwise spotless life. However, when she accidentally destroys the one thing that matters most to the unicorn, the cellist finds herself learning more than she ever cared to know about the rock-loving mare.

    Changing Octaves by Pen Stroke
    Octavia may be a gifted musician, but that doesn't mean she always liked her instrument. After all, what filly grows up wanting to play a huge contrabass?

    Couchtavia by shortskirtsandexplosions
    Octavia's new to Ponyville, and she just bought a used couch. As it turns out, she has to move the heavy thing clear across town on her lonesome. That isn't the problem. The problem is these damn crazy ponies who won't stop pestering her.

    Oh, Octavia! by Bubblegum
    Everyone knows that Octavia is Equestria's premier music mare, but where and how did she get her start? Finally obtaining an interview with her, Scoop Daily will learn every juicy detail with the help of his magical gifts...

    Ruby Eyes and Echoes by Altoid
    Several miles away from the edge of Manehattan stands Madam Puffeltop's Orphanage. Many years ago a new member arrived. An off white filly with deep blue and cyan hair and ruby red eyes. Blind, continuously ridiculed and always getting into trouble, she struggles to find her place in the world. This is the story of a pony that everyone believed had no future, that could not accomplish anything, but ended up becoming one of the greatest musicians of her time. This is a story on how an orphan became Vinyl Scratch, the DJ Pon-3.

    A Present for Octavia by GrassAndClouds2
    Octavia's birthday is coming up, and Luna wants to make sure that she appropriately honors her favorite musician and close friend. In disguise as the page Night Vision, she works with another page named Paperweight to scour the city of Canterlot and find the perfect gift! Hats will be purchased, gelato will be consumed, and even powerful ponies like Prince Blueblood may find themselves roped into the shenanigans. But at the end of the day, Luna is confident that she and Paperweight can find a perfect present for a wonderful musician.

    Fiddlesticks's Farewell by Slate Sadpony
    Fiddlesticks visits Applejack in the middle of winter to gather seeds for the spring planting. While there, she meets Octavia, who teaches this shy country pony that a lack of formal training doesn't mean that she can't use her music to make others happy.

    The Things Vinyl Drinks by FanOfMostEverything
    Even the best of friends can have an argument and hold a grudge. And because they're the best of friends, that means that they can express those grudges in a way perfectly designed to bother one another.
    In Ponyville, Equestria's capital of friendship and insanity, this is all the more true.


    Ars Vivendi: Memento Mori by AndrewRogue
    Vinyl Scratch is dead, and Octavia is getting real tired of it.

    Consonance by PropMaster
    When Rainbow Dash and Fluttershy go missing, Ponyville mobilizes a search party to come to their rescue. Things quickly go from bad to worse for the town's population, and suddenly it is up to Pinkie Pie and Vinyl Scratch to save the day.

    Octavia's Power Hour by Terse
    For what is ostensibly the most terrifying time in her entire life, Octavia forgets how to play her beloved cello. Shenanigans ensue, and Lyra reluctantly helps to pick up the pieces, with the help of our favourite DJ, Vinyl Scratch!

    Fun With Changelings by Shukumei
    A single changeling is cut off from the swarm during the attack on Canterlot. She's discovered by Vinyl Scratch and adopted as a pet. How will Wubsy the changeling, Vinyl, and Octavia cope when the town develops Changeling-phobia? Will Wubsy ever be able to prove her good intentions and stay with the mare she's grown so attached to?

    Four Mares, a Computer and Slenderpony by The Princess Rarity
    What happens when Octavia, Vinyl Scratch, Lyra and Bonbon all decide to tackle on the game of Everfree? They have to face the famous Slenderpony, that's what. Chaos and hilariousness ensues.

    My Roommate Is Not a Vampire by Ave Celestia
    Short, silly Octascratch wherein Vinyl Scratch comes home to Octavia in an awesome vampire cape. Has Vinyl become a terrifying creature of dark passions? Will Octavia be amused? (Spoilers: no.) Is there a twist where it's not Vinyl who's the vampire but Octavia instead? (Spoiler: also no.) Or perhaps Vinyl has simply been reading way too many vampire novels recently? (Spoiler: it's that one!)

    Wily's Wittle Wub by Tatsurou
    Dr. Albert Wily...mad genius, evil scientist, brilliant roboticist, wanted criminal, would be world conqueror, loving father... Wait, what was that last part?
    When Dr. Wily wakes up one morning with a tiny unicorn inexplicably clinging to his bald head, he is more than a little flummoxed. Unknown to him, this tiny creature is about to turn his entire life upside down, worm her way into his heart...and make his dreams a reality.
    Can you feel the Wub tonight? Mega Man sure will.

    Miller by totallynotabrony
    The local crime syndicate sees Miller's lack of ID as an advantage. Before too long, our poor former human is eyeball-deep in the scum of Canterlot. Forget going home - the challenge is trying to stay one step ahead of police, criminals, and a pair of persistent mares.

    A Mistake in Identity by JapaneseTeeth
    Princess Cadance wakes up with a hangover, and some garbled memories of the previous night's events.

    One Night at Fluttershy's by PaulAsaran
    Octavia is looking for a new home in Ponyville and decides to check out Vinyl's available space. Of course, she would happen to come to town right when a major storm's about to hit, and that storm would drop a whole tree on Vinyl's home. Seeing their situation, Fluttershy kindly offers them shelter.
    That might not have been the best solution. Can Fluttershy help these two musicians get along, or is a new storm about to form inside her cottage?

    Surprise Rave! by Justice3442
    Octavia Melody enjoys a nice, quiet moment to herself until her housemate shows up. This is why we can't have nice things.


    A Scratch on Shining Armor by BaeroRemedy
    Vinyl Scratch is alone. Her parents are gone and she's estranged herself from the rest of her family years ago. Now she's fallen on hard times; she spends her days drinking, her nights partying and the intervening time in trouble with the guards.
    After one too many run-ins with the authorities she is assigned a personal guard to help her get her life back on track. The only question is: can she truly be helped, or is she far too gone at this point?

    Not Worth A Bit by Dsarker
    Octavia has a side to her that most don't see. In what may be her last note, she reveals the other side to life as a cellist.

    Ponies On A Monorail by shortskirtsandexplosions
    A group of ponies experience a breakdown on their morning commute.

    The Cellist of Saraneighvo by Ruirik
    They said mighty Saraneighvo would never fall. They said proud Saraneighvo would never weep. They said old Saraneighvo could never die. In the darkest of days, we find solace in whatever we can. (Inspired by the story of Vedran Smailović, the real Cellist of Sarajevo.)

    Who Am I? by Zeck
    It's been three weeks since Octavia's smash hit, I am Octavia, and while the cellist's career is on a high note, that's about the only thing that is. Vinyl and Octavia are a complete wreck without each other, but repairing such damage to a relationship isn't easy, nor is it always possible. This is my answer (even though I know it's already been done here) to the question on everypony's mind: Will Vinyl and Octavia be friends again?

    Playing With My Heart by ObabScribbler
    Four years ago Vinyl and Octavia broke up. It was messy, painful and left scars on both of them. Four years on, now one of the most successful DJs in Equestria’s history, Vinyl receives news that Octavia has been in a terrible accident. The doctors say she may never recover from her coma, but Vinyl refuses to believe them. There are all sorts of stories about coma patients who are brought back by the voice of someone they care about, right? No matter what anypony else says, offers or threatens, and no matter what it costs her personally or professionally, she is determined to stay by Octavia’s side and do all she can to wake her.
    But four years is a long time, and no matter how many fairytales end with the princess waking up, real life owes no-one a happy ending.

    Musicians and Dreamers by GrassAndClouds2
    Lyra is pleasantly surprised to find that her friend and mentor, Octavia Philharmonica, is in Ponyville. It seems that Canterlot will be having a three-month long music festival, they need a top-notch lyre player, and Octavia has recommended Lyra. Lyra is thrilled, of course, but torn as to whether she can really leave her friends for months to go play music in Canterlot. Meanwhile, Trixie is sure that this is just a political move and that one of the Canterlot factions thinks having Lyra under their hooves would be helpful. Unfortunately, Lyra is all too aware of how manipulative Trixie can be. She thinks that Trixie's warnings are just a selfish attempt to keep Lyra nearby in Ponyville, and is only driven closer to accepting Octavia's offer. Can Trixie patch things up with Lyra and expose Octavia's scheme? Lunaverse story.


    Feedback by Kegisak
    Ziggy Stardust was never good at talking. A bouncer didn’t have to be. He wasn’t expecting that to change when he moved to Ponyville. He wasn’t expecting the DJ either. Sometimes it just takes somepony else to get you started – all you need is a little feedback.

    Getting Complicated by Ivory Piano
    Octavia has fought hard in her life for three things: her art, her career, and her new boyfriend. She never learned to stop fighting. It's a mistake that might cost her two out of three of the things she's fought tooth and tail for. She's still figuring out which two. A sequel to “Keeping It Simple”.

    Thunder And Lightning by AveryStrange
    Rainbow Dash has always been notoriously lazy, but when their friend can't seem to keep awake for a single day the rest of the mane six take it into their own hooves to discover what's wrong with her. Is she just lazy? Or is there more to Dash's life than they know? And can they handle this other part of her?

    Mixing Relationships by Aryn240
    When Octavia and Vinyl Scratch decide to combine their respective musical styles into a new genre that will celebrate not only their talent, but also their unique bond, they feel confident that they're the pioneers of the new age. So when the two find their music challenged by another pair of musicians, they set out to make sure that theirs is the best. However, the rival two aren't bad artists themselves, not to mention they’re certainly not… of the same persuasion as Vinyl and Tavi. In the snow-wrapped streets of Manehattan, can they risk exposing their new found -and still taboo- relationship, or will they be doomed to second place?

    What Really Matters? by Waroth
    It's Vinyl's birthday and Lyra has been busy preparing a quiet party for her marefriend. But after a hard day in the cutthroat music industry, Vinyl comes home reeking of booze and bad attitude. Will Vinyl fall back into her old ways of living or fight for her current lifestyle? Will she choose fame and fortune or loyalty and love? What really matters Vinyl?

    Accidental Harmony by errant
    Octavia Philharmonica is a desperate mare. Her involvement in the ill-fated "pony pokey" at the prestigious Grand Galloping Gala has left her blacklisted among the elite of Canterlot who form her clientele. Faced with the possibility of being evicted from her apartment for inability to pay rent she decides to take a temporary job at a local nightclub. Of course, she's never set hoof in a club before and has no idea what she's getting involved in . . .

    From Scratch by Kaldanor
    Octavia has hit rock bottom. After the Gala and being forced to play that song, she was cast out by high society. Now she must gather the shreds of her pride, only to have to swallow them to work under the only pony that seems willing to hire her. Now it's time for her to make a name for herself all over again, and she's determined to make it no matter what, even if she has to start over from Scratch.

    No Need For Words by Whirring Gears
    Going to clubs may seem rather odd for you, but you find enjoyment from it because of a certain DJ. You get the chance to meet her after a show, but would she ever feel anything for somepony with your condition?

    Off-Rhythm by KnightMysterio
    Vinyl Scratch, also known as DJ-P0n3, is one of the most famous DJs in Canterlot. But lately, she's been feeling like something's missing in her life. And then a gray Earth pony mare shows up at her club one night...

    Spin the Bottle by DoctorSpectrum
    Vinyl and Octavia meet at a party. With the romance tag and the title, what the hay do you think happens?

    Never Mind by RushingAutumnLeaves
    When Octavia meets Vinyl Scratch while at school, she becomes aware of feelings for the unicorn. Feelings that a respected Canterlot mare like herself should not be feeling towards a mare, even if that mare happens to be a fillyfooler. Octavia lives in worry that somepony will discover her secret, but she's more terrified of Vinyl finding out and leaving her for good. Octavia would rather face a life alone than lose Vinyl, which is why she has to tell her never mind.

    The Morning After by 8_Bit
    After a heavy night of drinking, most of which she can’t remember, Octavia awakens to a monstrous hangover. But even this isn’t enough to distract her from the obvious fact that Vinyl is acting… different. Kinder, sweeter, and much more considerate. Something happened last night, something that has clearly had a huge effect on Vinyl. But what could it possibly be?
    This story is a sequel to "Scotchtavia".

    Heart Invasion 101 by FamousLastWords
    Spike decides he wants some spending money, so he gets a job as an assistant to the local DJ, Vinyl Scratch.
    What starts off as a part-time 'errand boy' job, quickly evolves into a close friendship, and may become something more in time. Apparently, they have more in common than they ever would have thought.


    The Fishbowl by Shrink Laureate
    Vinyl remembers the doll. It's unmistakably hers, right down to the peanut butter stain on the left foot. Except it's in Octavia's closet, and Octavia insists it's always been hers. Why do they have the same doll – and the same memory?

    The Music of Ponyville by GrassAndClouds2
    Octavia Philharmonica would like nothing more than to practice her cello and to compose beautiful music all by herself. Unfortunately, her teacher Princess Cadance has other plans! Sent to Ponyville to assist with logistics for the Vernal Equinox Festival, Octavia wants only to get through the ceremony with as little interaction with the local populace as possible, but her plans are derailed by the return of two ancient evils. When the ancient tyrants Burning Sun and Nightmare Moon break free from their prisons and initiate a new era of war and devastation, Octavia finds herself and five other musicians -- Vinyl Scratch, Fluttershy, Lyra Heartstrings, Bluenote, and Medley -- caught up in a desperate race to find the Elements of Harmony and stop the alicorns. It will be a difficult journey, but it just might be possible, if Octavia can manage to befriend the other ponies... and if she can learn to truly listen to the music of Ponyville. [Alternate Universe]

    For Sonnets and Harmony by The Wizard of Words
    Octavia was always one for planning ahead. Whether it be dinner that night or her career years away, she always had an idea of how to get there. The right amount of practice, the proper performance to the right pony, and she could see her life progressing exactly as it should.
    However, suddenly turning into an alicorn kind of put a damper on her plans.

    Cream and Changelings Rise by A Pony Farce
    When Vinyl Scratch gets invited to play at the royal reception, she and Octavia find that the event is no exception to the essential truism of fiction: where main characters go, trouble follows.

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