• Patreon Supporters - Please Submit Your OC Ponies for the OC Hall of Fame! - Plus General Patreon Updates

    Someone named Fábio saw that I was looking for ideas to make the Patreon better over in the s9 post, and brought up an interesting idea that we can actually implement!

    The "Credit" tier has been completely replaced by a new "OC Hall of Fame" section, where supporters can have their OC's and name added to a gallery that is already added as a button on our desktop version side bar (Image above). This is for all tiers above $2.

    If you are a current supporter and want yours added, send it to [email protected] with your Patreon name (so we can verify), or send it directly to our Patreon Page by messaging us over there. All we need is:

    • Picture of your OC
    • Your Patreon name
    • Name you want to be called on the page 

    EQD Rewards will still kick in on the first of the month due to Patreon's charging schedule, so if you join now, we can add it on March 1st.

    I've also cleaned up all the tiers a bit. Rewards for most include all lower price tiers, minus the fandom/con ads.

    I'm still looking for new good ideas. If you have any, feel free to let us know!

    Now back to regular pone.