• Nightly Roundup #1138

    Don't you ever get that feeling that someone is watching you without you knowing? Just me? Nevermind then...

    News time guys! Get it all after the break!

    Tonight's Stories

    Fallout Equestria: Project Horizons - Chapter 3

    Got another chapter for you all tonight! Hope you're in for some bedtime reading my friends.

    Awesome As I Wanna Be (On Floppy and HDD)

    Now that I think we've exhausted our well of pony songs to turn into chip tunes, how about working on Rainbow Rocks?

    Stuff Bronies Never Say

    Simple and sweet, nothing really to add.

    Ponies in Season 4 METALOCALYPSE Episode

    More ponies in Adult Swim! I wondered when we'd hear from them again.

    Ponibooru Film Night

    Poster artist DaisyHead here. The movie of the week can be described as a horrible fusion of Finding Nemo and Shark Tale with a massive amount of notable voice actors including Mark Hamill, Tara strong, Yuri Lowenthal, Tim Curry, Kath Soucie and the guy who voiced Heffer in Rocko's modern life. The movie is about a flying fish from New York, who want's to train for a sport so he can go to Barbados, but then his dad says he has to become the new leader of his reef and inherit a pearl signifying his leadership. After another fish insults him, he challenges him to see who can throw a pebble in a well known fishing spot and is caught in a fishing net. His father hands him the pearl in order to free himself but misses the shot and he's sent to a fish tank in a Chinese restaurant where the fish are on the insert lame pun here.

    Hosts will be:
    Harlequin Jester
    Pony Cat


    Tonight's Groups Looking For More

    Brony Needs Home for Their Doggy

    My dog , izzy , is a 3-year old chihuahua who desperately needs a home, we cannot take care of her because house I live in doesn't have a backyard and she needs this badly.
    I'm looking for people who live in the San Antonio TX area who can take care of her. She is loving , kind , likes to snuggle , the quietest chihuahua I've ever seen , protective , has all her shots , no health issues , but not the best around other or new dogs at first but then lightens up over time. Please I only have one more week before she is put in a shelter and she doesn't deserve that she deserves a home. No pay is required she is free , I will also provide her bed favorite blanket have people e-mail me .

    [email protected]

    CCD tournament in Spain

    Hi, i just saw in: http://www.swufest.com/noticias that there's a MLP card tournament in Madrid, Spain(the street is in the post), the web page is in spanish, but i think you can use Google Translator. This is a great new, because it's the first here in Spain.

    Get more information here!

    Brony Network Stream Weekend

    Our preshow returns this Saturday and Kill la Kill premier, also Toonami cuts it's time block to 3.5 hours at it's new time, Get the schedule below...

    Friday {2/6/15}

    The Interview {R} [BN Lounge 4]
    8pm Central / 9pm Eastern / 6pm Pacific


    Saturday {2/7/15}

    Littlest Pet Shop {S.3 Ep. 22 / Proud as a... Peacock} [BN Ustream]
    11:30am CT / 12:30am ET / 9:30am PT

    Toonami Pre-Show: [King's Lounge 2]

    Noragami {S1 EP.1}
    7pm CT / 8pm ET / 4pm PT

    Sword Art Online {S1 EP3}:
    7:23pm CT / 8:23pm ET / 4:23pm PT

    Welcome to the NHK {S1 EP1}:
    7:45pm CT / 8:45pm ET / 4:45pm PT

    Death Note {S1 EP.6}:
    8:08pm CT / 9:08pm ET / 5:08pm PT

    Death Note {S1 EP.7}:
    8:30pm CT / 9:30pm ET / 5:30pm PT

    Samurai Champloo {S1 EP.1}:
    8:54pm CT / 9:54pm ET / 5:54pm PT

    The Animatrix {PG-13}:
    9:17pm CT / 10:17pm ET / 6:17pm PT

    Toonami [King's Lounge 2] {Kill La Kill Premier at 11:30pm CT / 12:30am ET / 8:30pm PT}
    11pm CT / 12 {Midnight} ET / 8pm PT


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    Medical Loan Needs - Clockwork

    Clockwork of Lunar Echoes podcast needs some help! He requires a little brony love to help him through an oral surgery to remove 6 teeth. The surgery is on 2/6/2015, and he has to pay back a loan - check out his story here:

    "I have to go through emergency oral surgery for 2 abcessed teeth including my wisdom teeth and molars on 2/6/2015. To do this I was forced to take out a loan to cover some of the expenses, however the loan I took out will have to be paid back in full out of my next pay check (2/12/2015), effectivly dropping my account to nearly 0 dollars.

    I need some help to keep a roof over my head and food in my belly until the next two weeks pass. Please help me? I am not asking for much and I am mostly paying for this surgery out of pocket. Ido need the suergery because other wise I may contract a deadly infection as all the abcesses are near major veins and arteries. Stay Pony and Boop /)"

    Please help a pony brother out.

    Get more information here!

    Silly Filly Studios Looking for Animator

    You've heard right, the awesome team at Silly Filly are looking for a new animator. Check out the link below to see what they are looking for in an animator.

    Get more information here!

    CinemaQuestria's Weekend plans 2/5/15

    Howdy howdy everypony!

    Our weekly weekend fun at CinemaQuestria keeps rolling! We have another fun-filled weekend for you. Check it out below

    The fun starts on Friday with AnimeQuestria. Join us this week as we begin with a new series, "Angel Beats" episodes 1,2, and 3. Be sure to tune in as it's one heck of a ride of a series. After the episodes, we'll watch a pony episode of your choice and after the pony episode, we'll bust out the mice and keyboards with a video game. AQ starts at 8:00 pm EST USA (GMT-5) on February 6th.

    Saturday starts off fast with Sonic Boom! We'll be streaming the new episode "Circus of Plunder" live at 7:00 am EST USA (GMT -5). Our monthly themed Saturday movies get pumped up with the start of "Schwarzenegger Month" with the movie "The Terminator"! That starts at 1:00 pm. Finally, our weekly CQRiff will be throwing out bread by the truckloads as we sit and suffer through "Breadwinners". CQRiffs starts after "The Terminator", around 3:30 pm EST (GMT -5). This happens on Saturday, February 7th.

    Finally, to wrap up our weekend, our weekly podcast "Babble with Bronies" will air at 4:00 pm EST. We'll be continuing where we left off with last week's discussion about how you review and what you look for after you've viewed something.

    All of this can be found here: http://cinemaquestria.apps.xeserv.us/stream/.

    Don't forget, CinemaQuestria is looking for new staff members! If you are interested in volunteering for a streaming site, we'd like you to apply! We're looking for people who are technical minded and are good with programming languages, a staff artist, or anyone who's a great streamer. If you feel your talents could better CQ but don't fall into the above categories, apply anyway! We look over all applications. If you're interested, please fill out the application here http://goo.gl/26i8sV.

    Thanks and hope to see you there!

    Princess Trixie Sparkle Needs Help!

    The PTS crew is in a bit of a pickle. You see, we've had some artists just kinda disappear. And we reeeeeaally wanna put out our next episode soon. I was wondering if you guys could do us a huuuuuuge favor and post like a "HELP WANTED" ad or something of the sort. You can put my contact information in it.

    Email: [email protected]
    Skype: Raecheveyc
    DeviantArt: Raecheveyc

    Here's a description of the job:

    We give art assignments with a very detailed breakdown. We give a synopsis of what is going on for that art assignment only, a copy of the script portion, an image-by-image break down of what w want to see, and links to references for backgrounds and extra characters (i.e. a Manticore). We prefer art with backgrounds included, but this is not required.
    We need it ASAP, as in 2-3 weeks max and it's anywhere from 7-10 images.
    We would also like a sample/link to your work. This is not a paid job, but it is a fantastic way to showcase and promote your artwork!

    Get more information here!

    New Brony Clan on Clash of Clans

    Check out the new clan Bronies4Good on Clash of Clans if you're looking for friends!

    Get more information here!

    Heart and Hooves Single Awareness Day - San Diego

    Bronies share each other's company while eating pizza, drinking, watching ponies on the big screen, playing board games, card games, video games and passing the night away. It doesn't matter if you don't have a special somepony with you this year, come and share the night with friends and ponies!

    Get more information here!

    Concertmeet in the Hive!

    Soon on 16th of february the sequel of extraordinary concert begins!

    The Tribrony Association kindly invites you for a show performed by russian band Przewalski's Ponies in collaboration with their friends Shadow Archetype. There will be a lot of rock and prog rock just like a year ago

    The star of the evening:
    PRZEWALSKI'S PONIES (brony rock)



    Support: SHADOW ARCHETYPE (progressive metal)


    Location: klub X kwadrat http://xkwadrat.pl
    Polanki 66, 80-306 Gdańsk; tel: (58)7196383

    Head organisator: Stowarzyszenie Tribrony - SPIDIvonMARDER. Contact:
    [email protected]
    gg - 6164667

    Ticket: 10 zł

    BronySplash Charity!

    Every year I do a Polar Plunge to benefit Special Olympics of Indiana. This year, I am undertaking a My Little Pony theme. 
    Donation goals: 
    $75 I take the plunge - MET! 
    $200 I do a belly flop! 
    $500 I wear Rainbow Dash ears, wings and tail! 
    $1000 I take the plunge in a Rainbow Dash Hoodie-Footie pajamas, wearing the wings and tail! 
    $5000 I shave my lush red beard, exposing my chin for the first time this century. 

    Tonight's Podcasts and Blogs

    The MBS Show Reviews: My Little Pony Friends Forever Issue 2

    Hey there bronies & pegasisters

    On this weeks show, Norman Sanzo, James Corck and Silver Quill review the second issue of the Friends Forever series, Discord & The Cutie Mark Crusaders.

    Did they like it? Did they hate it? Will Silver bring more sound effect to the comic review? One way to find out is to come and take a listen.

    The BCI #4 Antony C

    YTMLP 14: #75-66

    "I'm Brony and I'm Proud" Update

    How Bronies Became Bronies & More

    Join ‘Lucky Knight’ at 20:00 / 8pm AEDT @TheHiveRadio. Tonight’s guest is the bodacious Brandon Fisher (The Sound Man). We had the harmonious Hayley Bugden (Community Supporter, Convention Assistant, Gamer) for the past 2 weeks as part of a special 2 part episode. Thanks to Black Gryph0n for letting us use “Proud to be a Brony” for our awesome new intro and outro. Stay tuned and remember to like us on Facebook and follow us on Twitter @ibaipshow for exclusive downloads, updates and other content – YEAH!!! /)

    Get more information here!

    Analyzing Is Magic: How Does the Letter System Work?

    Today In Pony History

    February 6, 2011-2014

    2011 - Create a pony album cover.

    2012 - Read It and Weep's Original Title.

    2013 - Derpalicious

    2014 - Bieber talks about Michael Morones.

    Twitter: Calpain