• Create a MLP Music CD!

    Someone uploaded this awesome album cover for winter wrap up earlier, so I figured I'd compile all the pony songs into one post so you can actually burn one and use it (for the 10 people out there that still use CD's, myself not included :x)

    Winter Wrap Up

    Winter Wrap Up (Instrumental)

    Pinkie Pie's No Fear Song

    Grand Galloping Gala

    Hop Skip and a Jump

    Evil Enchantress

    Evil Enchantress (Flutterguy Remix)


    Art of the Dress

    Super Pony Beat: Winter Wrap Up (Eurobeat Remix)

    Super Pony Beat: Evil Enchantress (Eurobeat Remix)

    Hopefully all of these work. If they don't, let me know!

    (Links primarily from derpyhooves.com)

    Also check out the alternate cover art HERE