• Music of the Day #400

    Music of the day 400? Have we really already done that many of these? You guys produce way too much music.

    Hopefully you are all having some fun with these even if things are slowing down in the hiatus. If you find a song you like, be sure to spread it everywhere! Music of the Day may not have the highest level stuff, but it's good to get some exposure out there. And drop some feedback off while you are off watching!

    Now go music.

    [1] Source
    Flying Purple Pony Princess - M Pallante

    [2] Source
    Crystal Empire
    Instrumental - House

    [3] Source
    Rainbow Dash & Scootaloo Sing: Pegasus Device

    [4] Source
    The Journey

    [5] Source
    Sunday Sorrows - Reverbrony

    [6] Source
    Chain Reaction
    Instrumental - Complextro

    [7] Source
    Corpulent Cartel - Video Game Nightmare (Original Mix)
    Vocal - Fidget House

    [8] Source
    Mush - Lost on the Moon (Remix)

    [9] Source
    Tricks Up My Sleeve (Ukelele Cover)
    Remix - Ukelele