• BUCK 2014 Cosplay Contest

    One thing that every convention has is a dedicated cosplay group that are eager and happy to share their cosplay creations. BUCK is recognizing this again this year with a Cosplay Contest for all you cosplayers out there that will be attending the event.

    Interested? Check after the break for the full scoop!

    Bring on the fancy dress!
    Cosplay was huge last year at BUCK! So big that when we did a cosplay competition with an expected 30-40 entrants, we had to deal with eighty-five contestants!
    The variety was huge! We had people cosplaying everything from Pony Princesses to the Ratman from Portal, using everything from Hollywood-class materials to recycled cardboard.
    This August we’re anticipating another huge cosplay following at BUCK 2014, and we’re preparing our Cosplay Contest to suit! Given the overwhelming interest, we will need to take a limited number of pre-signups to stay on schedule. If you’re looking to be in the competition, stay tuned to our news channels for further information as we plan our events out!
    Also in the news today – Don’t forget that our Charity Auction Nominations are taking place right now on UK of Equestria, so head on over there to nominate the charity you’d like us to support this year!
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