• BronyTV Mega Marathon!

    With the season coming to an end and a long hiatus ahead of us it's hard not to be a little sad. But that doesn't mean we can't let the finale go out with a bang! BronyTV has just the solution with a Mega Marathon starting this Thursday that will cover all episodes from seasons 1-4 till the finale premiere this Saturday!

    If you're interested get all details after the break so you can participate.

    Hello Everyone!

        The pony season is finally coming to an end. This can only mean one thing. ~ Massive Pony Mare-athon ~ That's right, Every single episode of My Little Pony: Friendship Is Magic, all in one huge 2 and a half day event! With some breaks of course, but even the breaks will be content filled. We're excited to announce the following DJs and Podcasts:

    Thursday 12:00 AM EST  - DJ Sleepypony
    Friday     10:00 AM EST - Simon Hedburg
    Friday      03:30 PM EST - DJ Scootaloose
    (and more)

    Thursday 08:20 PM EST - Rainbow Dash hour with PonyToast (from the host of True Equestria Radio)
    Friday      02:40 AM EST - Twitchy After Dark
    Friday      06:00 PM EST - No Hooves Barred

    These great events, as well as some Friendship is Witchcraft, Rainbow Dash Presents, and of course Equestria Girls (Friday 6:15 AM EST) sprinkled in. All of this starting on Wednesday 10:00 PM EST, Leading up to the Season 4 Finale Two Parter, only on BronyTV.net! See you there!

      ~BronyTV, A Proud Member of Ponyville Live!

    Link: http://www.bronytv.net/

    Twitter: Calpain