• Spoltight Music: Endless Mist Of Nightmares / Heroes (Acoustic Version) / Apples

    Want more SYMPHONIC ROCK? Was the 25 minutes of it earlier NOT ENOUGH POWER?  Did your dragon slaying crusade not go like you planned? Have another one in the first slot!

    Slot number two is an avoustic version of Aviator's "Heroes" song, cause he needed to appease to both sides of that music fandom out there!

    And finally, we have vocal splicing crazyness from Someone named ┬ÁThunder. I have no clue what genre to assign to that one, but it's there. Get it below!

    1.) Endless Mist Of Nightmares [GatoPaint & ShadowcatKirara] (Deluxe Version) (Vocal - Symphonic Metal)
    2.) Aviators - Heroes (Acoustic Version) (Vocal - Acoustic)
    3.) ┬ÁThunder - Apples (Vocal - Voice Splicey Electronic)