• Nightly Roundup #758

    I just brushed my teeth 20 minutes ago. This Sonicaire thing is addicting. It's almost like a teeth massage. (I swear they didn't pay me to say that)

    Have some nightly roundup!

    Random Vinyl and Octavia Drawn by an 8 Year Old

    Kinda funny that kids are picking up on our fan characters. This was found in a Malaysian newspaper thing. Pretty cool! thanks to Azril for the image.

    Obscure MLP in Watchmen

    Seems like a lot of comic books are sneaking pony in thee days. I'll let you find it, or just go read the article.

    Thanks to Roy G. Biv for the find.

    Equestria Girls on TV in China and Argentina

    First off is over in China, viewing page here.

    And the image above is from Argentina. Thanks to Nicolas for it.

    Lunchbox Thing

    Now with more Star Wars. Article on how to make it here.

    Pony Shadowbox Giveaway

    All information over here!


    50 References in Equestria Girls

    Some are a bit obvious, and some are probably not references at all, but some of you might get a kick out of it.

    Successful Meetups

    Taiwan Meetup

    The Taiwan Bronies have long lived in harmony and friendship, but little did they know that an age old battle is brewing right between their feet. For the bitterness in the Old Ones that lived long ago have bubbled to the surface. New elements have arisen that will turn friends against friends. All visages of the spirit of friendly competition will have disappeared. It's a everypony free for all. Who will emerge victorious?

    Ahem...last month, the Taiwan Bronies got together at the garden for the Taipei International Flora Exposition for the outdoor activity "Battle for Bits!" Participants got into six teams made up of an alicorn princes, a unicorn guard, a pegasus scout, an earth pony soldier, and a judge. Initially the six teams were split apart and had to look for colored eggs to win prize that can be switched for supplies, but there might have been a death egg out there.

    The game is very safe, as all of the weapons are Nerf guns or plastic balls. The teams battled each other for bits. Any team members shot must return to their base to wait to be respawned. A death of the alicorn princess will lead to a massive loss in bits. Near the end of the competition the teams must also deal with a boss that is armed to the teeth, but any team that can take him down can win a special prize. This is all in the spirit of friendly competition, and the team with the most bits wins!

    Gallery on Flickr


    Groups/Meetups/Guilds Looking for More

    Brony Fantasy Football League

    League Name: Brony Fantasy Football League
    Draft Time: Sept 4, 11:30 PM EST
    League Type: Free, Standard ESPN rules and settings
    People interested can either search the league name in the "Create or Join a League" area of ESPN.com's fantasy football section, or simply just follow this link

    As stated, the league is free. All you need is to create an ESPN.com account (which is also free) to join.

    Pony Feather Radio Reopening

    Ponyfeather Radio is re-opening at DerpyCon South in October. We are currently looking for artists who want their music on the radio. If you have songs of yours or were involved in and want to have them play on our auto-DJ during non-show times, please send them to [email protected] If you want to talk to us about anything, send inquiries to that email address, or join us on CanterNet at #ponyfeather or #themidnightrun We cannot wait to be working with you, and we cannot wait to provide all your awesome music!


    Merch/Ebay Stuff
    Art Deco Mane 6 Drawings
    Button Mash PLushie
    Butt Stallion Custom
    Shadowbolt Custom
    Epona Custom
    Filly Perler Ponies